Get Started

You’re well on your way to a modernized content platform. This guide will help you successfully deploy Egnyte, giving you centralized control and users high-speed access to their content. Select a topic below to begin.

Not an admin?

Migrate Your Data

Successfully plan and execute your data migration to Egnyte.

An Admin’s Guide to Choosing a Migration Method

Make an informed decision about the tools you use to migrate your content to Egnyte.

Ways to Upload Files

Learn how you and your users can upload files and folders to Egnyte.

How to Migrate to Egnyte

After you've picked a migration method, plan out the project and learn more about your chosen path.

Professional Services

Need help with migration or setting up Egnyte? Our Professional Services team can help.

Add Users and Groups

Add users and organize them into groups to reduce IT’s workload.

Create a New User

See how easy it is to give users access to Egnyte through the Web UI.

Add a New Group

Learn how to create new groups and add users to them.

Import Users and Groups

Quickly create and modify a large number of users and groups with a CSV file.

Active Directory

If your company utilizes Active Directory, learn how to use it to import your users and groups into Egnyte.

Third-Party SSO

If you already have users set up with a Single Sign-On provider, save time by using it to provision your users in Egnyte.

Configure Permissions

Determine which folders users and external collaborators can (or can’t) access.

Share Settings

Maintain complete control of your company's content with customizable sharing settings.

Folder Permissions

Determine which users and/or groups will have access to specific folders.

Granting Access via Folder Permissions

Watch a quick video to see folder permissions being applied and discover best practices.

Non-Inherited Permissions

When you need more control over how folder permissions are delegated, turning off folder inheritance may help.

Permissions FAQ

Still have questions about folder permissions? Get the answers to common questions here.

Install Apps and Integrations

Give your users the tools they need to get the most out of Egnyte.

Desktop App

Get access to files stored on the cloud right from your desktop. You can even sync files for offline access!

Desktop App - Mass Deployment for Windows

Make things easy for your Windows users by installing Desktop App for them.

Desktop App - Mass Deployment for Mac

Make things easy for your Mac users by installing Desktop App for them.

Mobile App

Are your users constantly on the go? Ensure they always have access with the Egnyte Mobile App.

Mobile App - Mass Deployment

Save time for your users by getting the mobile app installed for them.

Mobile App - Device Entitlement

Beef up your security by controlling who can access the mobile app.

Storage Sync

Let users store, share, and access files seamlessly across on-premises storage systems and the cloud.

Microsoft Integrations

Learn about all the Microsoft Integrations Egnyte has to offer.


Continue using Salesforce while keeping your files and folders secure in Egnyte.

Set Up Content Governance (Protect)

Keep your content safe and secure with smart content governance.

Add Content Sources

Start by adding the content sources that need governing.

Configure Analysis Rules

Set up rules so Egnyte knows what anomalies you want to look for.

Set Up Content Classification

If you keep sensitive content, Content Classification can help you locate it within your connected sources.

Enable Alerts

Know in real-time when issues and sensitive content are found so you can quickly take action.

Engage Your Users

Get your users ready to securely access and share your content.


Personalize Egnyte to make your users feel at home.

Promotional Toolkit

Access customizable marketing content to promote Egnyte throughout your organization.

Administrator Guide

Give this guide to other Admins so they understand Egnyte’s features and know the basics all Admins should understand.

Power User Guide

Your Power Users (employees) can get an in-depth look at actions they can take within Egnyte.

Standard User Guide

Standard Users (non-employee collaborators) can quickly learn how to use Egnyte to collaborate with your company.

Quick Tips

Offer users the ability to learn something new in one minute or less.

Getting Started for End Users

Have your end users watch a live, interactive session to get comfortable using Egnyte.

Quick Reference Guide

Share this useful (but short) guide full of resources and tips with other Administrators and trainers in your company.