Active Directory Integration

Egnyte’s Cloud File Server lets you set up users and manage all their passwords within the Egnyte application.  For many customers, this is the quickest way to provide secure file access to employees and business partners. However, if you run your own directory service, you can continue to manage all user and password information within this directory service.  Egnyte can fully integrate with this directory service to tap into this user information instead of having you recreate all this information within Egnyte.


Egnyte currently supports integration with Microsoft Active Directory Services (ADS). Please note that directory service integration is available to customers on Business and Enterprise plans.

Egnyte provides an integration kit that extracts user records and related metadata from your directory service into the Egnyte file server.  Since each business may configure directory services differently, the integration scripts can be customized to run in your environment.  By deploying this integration kit in your environment, you can automatically load a subset or all users into your Egnyte directory service. Furthermore, as new users are created or deactivated within your directory service, your Egnyte file server will sync these changes.

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When users from your company attempt to log in to Egnyte, Egnyte can be setup to authenticate directly against your directory service.  This ensures that you don’t have to manage passwords in two separate places.  Your directory service can serve as the system of record for all password information and Egnyte will simply utilize this information to authenticate the user.

Note: Egnyte will only authenticate admins and power users via directory service.  Directory service authentication is not available for standard users.  Please refer to the mixed mode authentication section below for managing both power users and standard users.

Integration with Sync products

Egnyte provides a rich hybrid cloud solution, providing users with a variety of ways to gain local, fast access to files.  Egnyte provides different variations of the hybrid cloud (i.e. Desktop Sync for single user access, Storage Sync for Netgear,VMware and Hyper-V for multi-user access in an office).  The directory service integration can be enabled across all aspects of the Egnyte solution, no matter whether you decide to deploy the Storage Sync for Netgear,VMware and Hyper-V variants.

Mixed Mode Authentication

Egnyte has been set up to allow a mixed mode authentication, where some users are externally authenticated through your directory service or a supported Single Sign-on provider, and others are authenticated directly through the Egnyte file server. Please note that while you can use a combination of your directory service and SSO provider to externally authenticate users within your environment, individual users will authenticate against one or the other—not both.

For example, assume you only have employee records set up in your directory service but you plan to use Egnyte for file sharing between your employees (who are power users) and business partners (who are standard users).  Since the business partner user data is not a part of the directory service, you can set up Egnyte to authenticate all your employees against your directory service and all business partners against the Egnyte file server.  This allows you to expand the file sharing easily without making additional investments in your directory service.

To obtain the parameters required for the integration and exact implementation steps, please review the attached documents. 

Supported Access Points

Egnyte is able to authenticate users against your directory service for all access points. This includes our Web Interface, Mobile apps, Desktop Sync, Map Drive (WebDAV), Storage Sync, Outlook plugin, and FTP.

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