Egnyte will End of Support Netgear on September 30th, 2021.  For more information, please see this article:  Future of Storage Sync for Netgear


To ensure you always have convenient access to all your files wherever you go, Egnyte provides multiple ways to upload content to the Cloud. You can sync content from your desktop, quickly transfer large files, and access files on the go from mobile devices. This article outlines the various methods available to you.

Most of our suggested methods preserve timestamps; however, there are some exceptions. If you're downloading a single file, the browser will cause the timestamp to be set as the time of download. Unfortunately, this browser behavior cannot be changed. Also, when downloading a ZIP file, the modified timestamp may or may not be preserved depending on the ZIP client.

Admins looking to perform a large scale data migration should refer to this article on the Helpdesk. Users can reference this article. 

Web Browser Access (Web UI)

Desktop App

Storage Sync


Cloud Migration Manager


FILE Upload Size Limits 

Web Browser Access (Web UI)

To access your files from any computer with an internet connection, log in through a web browser. Using the browser, you can drag and drop files for upload, send file links to outside business partners, share folders, and manage your account settings.

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Desktop App

Egnyte Desktop App provides you a way to access all of your data from your desktop without requiring local storage space as long as you have a persistent Internet connection. Please keep in mind that you will temporarily need up to twice the storage space to upload new files (one copy to actively edit and one copy queued for upload). This local disk space will be cleared as files are successfully uploaded.

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Storage Sync (VMware, Hyper-V)

If you’re already using a traditional file server in your office or want to have a local copy of your data, Egnyte provides Storage Sync. Storage Sync bi-directionally syncs company files between your office file server and the cloud so you can access files on the server quickly when you’re working in the office, or retrieve them from the cloud when you're out of the office.

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When you’re on the go and have only your mobile phone or tablet with you, you can access your files right through one of our mobile apps.

Egnyte offers one of the most extensive selections of mobile apps in the industry. You can access Egnyte through an iOS device, Android device, or Windows Phone.

Our mobile apps allow you to edit and share files, manage folders, invite new users, and even download files for offline access.

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Egnyte integrates with most FTP and SFTP clients to transfer your files and folders.

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File Upload Size Limits

Below are the file upload limits for our available plans. If you need to increase this limit, please contact

Team, Office, or Business Plans: 10GB

Enterprise Plan: 25GB