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To ensure complete control over the sharing of your company's data, Egnyte provides a number of sharing settings for Administrators to customize. 

File and Folder Link Sharing Options

Individual Folder Sharing Options

Inheritance of Folder Sharing Options

File and Folder Link Sharing Options

To manage how users share files via links, Admins can navigate to the Configuration tab of Settings, and in the General section, scroll down to the Sharing options section. 

Share settings 1.png

  • To enable or disable file or folder sharing, simply choose the default type and select one or more link type options: 
    • Public (no password): Accessible by anyone with the link   
    • Public (password-protected): Accessible by anyone with the link and the password  
    • Private (all account users): Accessible only by users with an active account on the domain.  
    • Private (recipients-only): Accessible only by the recipients of the link shared using the Email Link option.  
  • Specific Recipients: Specify the choice of recipients to send the links to. 
    • Any email recipient: This option enables users to send links to any specified email address.
    • Only <client> File Server Users: Choosing this option allows sending links to the client’s Egnyte domain users. For more details on the Specific Recipients feature click here.

Share settings 2.png

  • Share upload links to folder: Enabling this will option allow users to create share upload links to folders. Using upload links, recipients can upload files to the specific folder without signing in.
  • Default file and folder link expiration: Set the expiration parameters for file and folder links. Links can be set to expire after a set amount of time e.g. days, weeks, or months, or after a number of times the link is accessed. Once expired, links become inaccessible.
    Click here to learn how to make your files and folders more secure.

Share settings 3.png

  • Maximum file and folder link expiration: Set the maximum file and folder link expiration values users can select during link creation. This applies to both time-based and click-based expiration parameters.

Share settings 4.png

  • Send links in the user’s default mail client: Enabling this feature allows users to send share link using their own email client like Outlook instead of being sent through Egnyte. 
  • Sharing co-editable links: Enabling this setting allows users to send file share links that will allow the recipient to co-edit the file without requiring any permissions to modify the file.
    For more details on the Sharing co-editable links feature click here.

Share settings 5.png

Enabling 'Send links in user’s default mail client' automatically disables the 'private (recipients only)' option in the link types.


Share settings 6.png

Individual Folder Sharing Options

On top of the domain-level sharing options, it is possible to restrict sharing using folder-level link controls on certain folders that may contain sensitive documents. 

The folder-level link controls can be accessed by selecting the More menu, choosing Folder Details & Options from the drop-down, and opening the Options tab. Only folder owners or admins can modify the folder options.

Share settings 7.png

The sharing options can be restricted to:

  • Allow users to send public (i.e., for users outside your account) file and folder links 
  • Allow users to send public file links but not public folder links 
  • Prohibit both public file and folder links 

Share settings 8.png

For example, if the Don't allow public option is selected, users will be prohibited from sharing any public folder or file links from this folder. 

Inheritance of Folder Sharing Options

Changes to folder-sharing options are inherited (propagated) to subfolders when the user making the adjustments has the necessary permissions on those subfolders, and no manual changes have been made to the sharing options of the subfolders before.

Additional Resources

  • Third-party recipient-specific file and folder link options 
  • Creating and managing upload links  
  • Securing file/folder links
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