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An Admin’s Guide to Choosing a Migration Method




Egnyte account Admins who need to migrate content onto the Egnyte Cloud.


Egnyte gives you the freedom to access your files from anywhere, making you more productive. So it’s important to get your files in Egnyte as quickly as possible. This guide will help you make a more informed decision about the tools you can use to migrate to Egnyte.

The method you use to migrate your data, users, and permissions depends on the total amount of data you are transferring, how many objects (files and folders combined), where it's stored, available bandwidth, and other factors. Remember, users can easily upload and sync files and folders stored on their local machines, too. Point them to the article A User's Guide to Adding Content to Egnyte.

Guide to Choosing a Migration Method 

Understanding Your Options

On-Premises to Egnyte Migration

Data Migration from Other Sources

Advantages of Professional Services

Understanding Your Options

There are lots of ways to get your data onto Egnyte, but you need to take into consideration the tradeoffs of one method versus another. These considerations include:

  • Location of Data - Where does the source data reside?
  • Ease of Use - How easy is it to install and use the tool?
  • Cost - Is there a short or long-term impact on costs for a given migration method?
  • Error Management - Can the tool provide a list of errors that may have occurred?
  • Resiliency - How easy is it to retry migrating files that failed?
  • Reporting - Can you get stats on progress, validation on what has completed, etc.?
  • Sanitization/Normalization - Does the tool identify files on the source that are incompatible with Egnyte naming protocol? And can it rename them so they can be migrated?
  • Permissions - Can the tool migrate permissions to Egnyte?
  • True-Ups - Can the tool be used to compare the source and destination to determine what has changed and migrate only the deltas? This is fundamental to larger migration projects where your users are continuing to make changes on the source data.

If you have a very small amount of data or an ad hoc upload, you may find that the Egnyte Web UI, Desktop App or basic FTP/SMTP will meet your needs. Limitations and considerations are covered in the article A User's Guide to Adding Content to Egnyte.

For true onboarding and data migration into Egnyte, we recommend using our purpose-built Migration App, or engaging our Professional Services team to manage your migration in a white-glove fashion.

On-Premises to Egnyte Migration

Migration App

Migration App is Egnyte’s self-service data migration tool that enables you to easily move files, folders, and their associated permissions from an on-premises network share to the cloud. It also offers detailed migration reports and logs; the ability to sanitize file and folder names on the source; as well as True-Up data from the source to the destination for larger, more complex migration projects. Although it is a purpose-built migration tool, we do recommend that only Admins with a reasonable level of technical expertise run the application. 

Currently in Limited Availability, Migration App is available by request to your Professional Services agent, Support Agent, Customer Success Manager or Partner Account Manager.


  • Recommended for individual migration projects with no more than 4TB data and 5 million objects.
  • A small Agent must be installed on a Windows host machine to access the source data. It cannot be installed on a Mac or Linux host machine.
  • We recommend running no more than 4 jobs per Agent or Source simultaneously.
  • The tool cannot filter for file types or exclude files/folders from source paths.
  • The tool currently does not offer scheduling.

Data Migration from Other Sources

In order to migrate content from one Egnyte domain to another, or if you wish to migrate content from another cloud storage service such as Drop Box, Box or SharePoint Online, you'll need to reach out to our Professional Services team for a customized proposal. 

Advantages of Professional Services

Egnyte Professional Services offers extensive expertise in navigating the challenges of migration. Many of our customers find they prefer to leverage this skilled team to receive white-glove service, personalized for their specific needs and concerns. Common use cases for engaging Professional Services:

  • Migrating a large amount of data or migration projects that include complex data structures, permissions or metadata requirements.
  • Migrating from another cloud storage service.
  • Migrating from multiple physical office locations.
  • Migration projects with challenging deadlines.
  • When you have bandwidth limitations and need to adjust your local CPU allocation to maximize efficiency of a migration.
  • You have limited or inexperienced internal resources to plan and manage the project
  • Your migration project includes symbolic links. Egnyte supports symbolic links, but when migrating to Egnyte, things can get tricky.
  • Other migration needs not easily accommodated with the existing tool set, including migrating from hybrid cache servers such as Panzura or Nasuni.

Reach out to your Account Manager today so we can begin customizing your roadmap to success.  If you're unsure of your Account Manager please send an email to customerservice@egnyte.com and someone will get back to you.



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