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Storage Sync is Egnyte’s hybrid file-sharing and collaboration technology. With Egnyte Storage Sync, files on any local storage device (direct attached, NAS, or SAN) can be synced with Egnyte Cloud, thereby enabling users to store, share, and access files seamlessly across storage systems and the cloud. Your data is encrypted at the storage level on Egnyte cloud servers and while in transit. Storage Sync is currently supported with VMware, Hyper-V and Amazon AWS and Azure through the Public Cloud Connector. Download the latest version from Storage Sync Installers page.



Storage Sync can be deployed in multiple scenarios to solve different business needs. 

Business Continuity

Prepare for the situation when on-premises data store fails. Storage Sync provides an easy way to create a copy of all files in the cloud.

Collaboration with Remote Employees

Storage Sync keeps the most up-to-date copy of the data in the cloud. This ensures remote workers can seamlessly collaborate with their colleagues without having to worry about out-of-date files.

Cross Office Collaboration

Storage Sync enables on-premises data at every branch office to be in sync with the cloud. This empowers geographically distributed teams to work on the most up-to-date files.

Data Consolidation Across Offices

Companies with data scattered in offices around the world can consolidate business data in the cloud. Storage Sync allows on-premises storage systems to sync with the cloud and create a copy that is kept on headquarters’ on-premises storage. Additionally, companies with search-indexing technologies or backup infrastructure can leverage Storage Sync to access consolidated cloud data from on-premises servers.


Storage Sync performance and scalability characteristics differ based on the platform type and the underlying system configuration.


Storage Sync for VMware is Egnyte’s premier offering in terms of scalability and performance. This solution is intended for shared workspaces that undergo a high frequency of file and folder operations on a large number of files.

Consider this solution if:

  • You are familiar with VMware virtualization technology or have existing VMware infrastructure.
  • You have large-sized teams with over 250 people.


Teams with predominantly Windows operating environments can enjoy a hybrid-cloud solution. This solution is intended for small teams in a remote office with limited IT resources. Business files can be stored either locally inside the virtual machine or can be mounted inside the virtual machine if there is an existing SAN disk. On-premise users can map a network drive (CIFS) from their computers and access the local copy of files stored on the Storage Sync device. Remote users can access the cloud copy of these files.

Consider this solution if:

  • Your company predominantly operates on Microsoft environment and are familiar with Microsoft Virtualization infrastructure.
  • You have remote teams with small number of collaborators (<100).


Businesses that need high-end computing systems, access to a virtual office for business continuity, or data backup can use Storage Sync for AWS to fulfill these needs.

Consider this solution if:

  • If you require intensive computing environments that can process large data sets, but still need an easy way to access and share the assets with partners.
  • Due to compliance and regulation requirements, you have to create backups outside of Egnyte.

Comparison of Platforms



Maximum Number of Mapped Users

Maximum Number of Files and Folders on Local Disk

Maximum Number of Concurrent Users Accessing the Network Drive


Virtual Machine on VMware ESX/ESXi servers


10 million



Virtual Machine on Windows Server systems


10 million



Install & Troubleshoot

For more articles about Storage Sync, please refer to the Storage Sync section on the Helpdesk. 

Product Guides


Storage Sync for VMware


Storage Sync for Hyper-V

Supported Platforms


VMware ESX or ESXi 6.x, 7.x, and 8.x


For Storage Sync 12.x

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2019
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2022

Recommended Hardware


Supported Client Operating Systems

  • Windows 10
  • macOS Catalina (10.15), macOS Big Sur (11/10.12), macOS Monterey (12)

Supported Browsers

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • MacOS Safari

Download the latest version from Storage Sync Installers page.

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