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Last updated on:  Sep 21, 2023

 Product Release Name

Planned Release Scope

Release Status

GxP Test Domains  Release Date 

Validation Package Availability Date

GxP Production Domains   Release Date 


Controlled Document Management v7.0
  1. New PDF Viewer for document preview
  2. Users to Groups matrix and Documents to Groups matrix export from the Course Management page to CSV
  3. Removed specific character restrictions for creating Controlled Document names
  4. Filter training records for deactivated and deleted users
Released to GxP Test domains


Sep 21, 2023


Oct 05, 2023


Oct 26, 2023


Release Notes

Review and Approval Workflows v4.0

  1. Workflow Templates to define reusable workflows 
  2. Domain level settings for Digital Signature option for approval step of the workflow
  3. Domain-level settings for the Task Reminders
Released to GxP Test domains Aug 10, 2023

Sep 05, 2023

Refer to your GxP Compliance Portal

Sep 28, 2023


Release Notes

Helpdesk Article

eTMF v4.1 Inventory Report Export

Export artifact/document report (Inventory Report) from the app to CSV

Released to GxP Production domains

Jun 30, 2023


Jul 07, 2023

Release Notes

GxP Compliance Portal v2.1

Role-based access to GxP Compliance Portal

Released to GxP Production domains Jun 29, 2023 N/A Jun 29, 2023

Release Notes

eTMF v4.0 Import
  1. Importing TMF data following the EMS standard
  2. Importing dashboard 
  3. Reject or confirm import
  4. Import audit event report
Released to GxP Production domains May 26, 2023

Jun 12, 2023

Jul 7, 2023

Import Helpdesk Article

Release Notes

Controlled Document Management v6.0
  1. APIs to import documents and training records to the Controlled Document Management app
  2. Document Versioning options
  3. Responsible Department on the Documents page
  4. Increased number of groups per Category
Released to GxP Production domains Apr 06, 2023

Apr 25, 2023

Refer to your GxP Compliance Portal

May 19, 2023

Release Notes

The intended scope of the release may change. 
The GxP releases are initially available to GxP test domains and subsequently to GxP production domains,  with an estimated duration of 6 weeks between each release. The target release dates for GxP Test domains and Production domains may change. 
The availability of the Validation Package is based on your Egnyte plan. For further questions, contact your Customer Success Manager or Egnyte Support.

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