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New PDF Viewer, Training Matrix Export and Filtering Training Records for Controlled Document Management


Product: Controlled Document Management;   Release Date: Sep 21, 2023

New PDF Viewer

The new PDF Viewer provides the following improvements for the Controlled Document’s preview:

  • Document search – search within the document and navigate to the location of matches
  • Thumbnail view – view page thumbnails and navigate to corresponding pages

Controlled Document Management_Release 9-7-23_1.png

Training Matrix Export

Category Managers, Controlled Document Management app admins and Egnyte domain admins can now export the following two additional CSV files from the Course Management page:

  1. Users to groups matrix
  2. Documents to groups matrix

Controlled Document Management_Release 9-7-23_2.png

The Documents to groups matrix export provides a mapping of documents from courses to user groups and individual users.

The Users to groups matrix export provides a mapping of individual users assigned to the user groups.

These exports do not include the information related to ad hoc training assignments.

Filter Training Records for Deactivated/Deleted Users

You can now search for specific deactivated and deleted user(s) in both the Assigned by and Assignee filters on the Trainings I Manage page to access the training records of those user(s).

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