Create a New User


Admins can easily create other Administrators, Power Users, and Standard Users right from the Web UI. Power Users may also have access to create new Standard Users. We'll walk you through the steps below. If you'd like to learn more about the different types of users, our Administrators, Power Users, and Standard Users article will cover the differences and help you determine the appropriate type to use.


Create New User

  1. Once you have determined the type of user to add, make sure you are logged into Egnyte as an Admin or Power User. 
  2. Navigate to Settings from the menu and open the Users & Groups tab. Then, click the Add New User button and select the type of user you'd like to add.
    Note: If you're a Power User that can create Standard Users, the Add New User button will automatically bring up a New Standard User dialog.

  3. Enter the relevant information for the user and click Save.

    A few things to note:
    Usernames cannot be changed once the account is created.
    The email address must be unique and cannot be used by another Egnyte user.
    If you utilize Role-based Administration, you can assign a role to a user from the User role drop-down.
    If your company uses Active Directory or Single Sign-On (SSO) to authenticate your users, select the appropriate option from the Authentication Type drop-down and provide any additional information required.
    You can create a custom message that will appear in the email invitation by checking the Add custom message to email box.
  4. Once the user has been created, you'll receive a confirmation and a link to add the user to groups.



If the user accidentally deletes the invitation email, you can easily resend it from the Users & Groups tab by clicking on the Pending drop-down.

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