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Easily Switch Between Accounts With Multiple Entity Management (MEM)


Many companies maintain multiple Egnyte accounts, enabling disparate business units to collaborate in controlled environments. Some examples include:  

  • A financial services firm that maintains two different accounts: one for their analyst unit and one for their retail brokerage unit.

  • A manufacturer with an account for each of its two subsidiaries, and another for the parent holding company.

  • A multinational engineering firm that has divided its users geographically: Europe and Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

However, certain users (high-ranking executives, cross-projects team members, IT administrators, etc.) may need access to more than one account. Having to enter multiple login credentials for each account can be cumbersome.

Domain Switching

Multiple Entity Management (MEM) enables authorized users to switch between Egnyte accounts without having to re-enter account credentials on the Web UI. Once this feature has been enabled, a list of linked accounts will appear at the top of the user's screen. Switching between accounts is simple: just select an account from the drop-down menu, and go.


Domain switching is also available through the Egnyte mobile app without having to enable MEM. Simply log in to all Egnyte accounts for which you have authorization; easily tap between accounts in the left panel under the hamburger icon.



Requirements & Limitations


  • The Multiple Entity Management feature is only available to customers on our Enterprise plan.

  • Users must have an account with same Egnyte-validated email address in all the linked domains (Web UI access only).

  • Egnyte must link your accounts behind the scenes for the feature to work (Web UI access only).


  • Domain switching is currently supported through the Web UI and the Mobile App.
  • If you use the Desktop App, each domain must be added separately on a different drive.

This feature is the first in a powerful suite that will allow you to manage multiple Egnyte accounts. If you think your business(es) might benefit from Multiple Entity Management, you may contact us.


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