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Sending and Managing Signature Requests


Egnyte Sign makes it easy to send a document for electronic signature and automatically save back the signed document to your Egnyte account.  Follow the steps in this guide to send and manage signature requests.

Egnyte Sign is available as part of the PDF File Handler Add-On. Contact your account manager or Egnyte Sales team for more details on how to get access to this feature.

Sending Signature Requests

Users with permission to send signature requests can send a request by following these steps:

  1. Upload or navigate to the document you’d like to have signed. Egnyte Sign supports a number of document types including:
    • pdf
    • docx, doc
    • pptx, ppt
    • xlsx, xls
    • gdoc, gsheet, gslides
    • rtf
    • jpg, jpeg, png
  2. Choose Send Signature Request from the Share option in the file context menu or from the preview screen.
    Send signature request from file context menu.png

  3. Add one or more signers. You can send requests to both domain users and anyone else with an email address. When adding multiple signers, choose whether they should sign in parallel (the default) or sequentially. To sign sequentially, enable the Set signing order toggle and then drag/drop the signers in the order you’d like them to sign.


  4. Add fields for each of the signers. Click a signer name and then drag fields to the document at the desired location.  Double-click a field to edit the signer or to mark it as optional.

    1. The user has the option to add fields such as Signature, Initials, Name, Company, Date Signed, Title, and Text field to the document. Once selected, each field is displayed at the chosen location, and edit and delete options are available for each field added.

      WebUI_Egnyte Sign Signing Requests_3.pngWebUI_Egnyte Sign Signing Requests_11.png

    2. Adding the Dropdown field additionally shows the Edit Dropdown field option. It enables the requester to add a Field label and Dropdown options. The user can choose a default option by selecting Show this as selected radio button.


  5. There are optional steps available to further customize signature requests:
    1. Add a customized message for the email notification sent to signers.


    2. Change the expiration date (defaulted to 30 days) and the destination folder for the signed document (defaulted to the current folder).


    3. Requesters can turn on reminders by going to Settings tab. The reminders can be configured based on a timetable, with two specific configurations:

      a. First reminder after - The initial reminder will be sent out 'x' days following the submission of the request.

      b. Subsequent reminder frequency – This determines the interval between subsequent reminders after the initial one has been issued.

      Egnyte sign - configure reminders.png

      Egnyte sign - first reminder after.png

      Egnyte sign - subsequent reminders.png

  6. Click Send Signature Request in the top-right corner of the screen to create the request and send it to all signers. All signers will receive an email with a link to sign the document.


Signature requests are automatically canceled in the following scenarios:

  • The document you sent for signature is updated with a new version
  • The document you sent for signature has been deleted
  • The sender of the request no longer has permission to access the document
  • The sender of the request is either deactivated or deleted

Manage Signature Requests

The Signatures dashboard allows you to track the status of your active and completed signature requests.

Viewing Sent Requests

You can access the Signatures dashboard by clicking Workflows & Signatures in the left navigation and then clicking the Signatures tab. To see the signature requests you have sent, click the Sent Requests section.


By default, Sent Requests shows In Progress requests. To see already completed or canceled requests, change the Request Status filter.


You can expand each row in the table to see details of each signer and their status.

Canceling a Request

If a signature request is no longer needed, you can also cancel the request. To cancel the request, hover over a row of an In Progress request and click the Cancel request button.


In the cancel dialog, you can add a message for the signers and then click the Cancel Signature Request button. All signers will receive an email notifying them of the cancellation.


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