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End of Support and End of Life Timeline


The following is a list of products that have been or are being retired.

Please review the Egnyte Policy For Browser And OS Support

Name Product End of Support Date End of Life Date Helpdesk Article
FileGuard for Windows Secure & Govern   4/30/24 N/A
Egnyte Desktop Sync (All versions) Desktop Sync 12/31/19 4/30/24 End Of Life For Egnyte Desktop Sync
Egntye Desktop App v3.10.x and below Desktop App 12/31/23 -- End of Support for Desktop App versions 3.10.0 and below
Microsoft SharePoint Co-Editing (Legacy) Integration  10/31/23 10/31/23 Switching From Microsoft Co-Editing (Legacy) To New Microsoft Office Desktop Co-Editing Integration 
WebEdit 2.4.8 and older WebEdit   9/30/23 End Of Life For WebEdit Versions Prior To 2.4.8
CMM CLI Agent CMM   8/30/23  
Egnyte for Office Desktop Integration 9/26/22 12/31/22  
Google Drive Integration Integration   9/1/22  
Storage Sync 11.x or older Storage Sync 3/8/22 6/29/22  
Egnyte Cloud Copy ECC 3/15/21 6/24/22 End of Life for Egnyte Cloud Copy (ECC)
Cloud Migration Manager for VM CMM 12/14/21 3/28/22 End of Support for Cloud Migration Manager (CMM) VM
Classic and New Look 1.0 Web UI Web UI   4/24/20  
TLS 1.0 & 1.1  All   2/28/20 Blocking TLS 1.0 & 1.1
Lock and Unlock WebDAV Capabilities WebDAV 12/31/19 12/31/19 Upcoming Changes to WebDav
Storage Connect     3/31/19 End of Life for Storage Connect
Backup Program Web UI 1/1/18 2/1/18  
Android 7 and 8 Mobile 11/23/21   Android OS support policy
Netgear Storage Sync 9/30/21   Future of Storage Sync for NETGEAR
Internet Explorer 11 Web UI 3/31/21   End of support for Internet Explorer 11
Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 All 1/14/20   End Of Support For Windows 7, 8, And 8.1 
Windows phone app Mobile 3/1/18    
Windows Server 2003 Storage Sync, ADKit 5/1/17    

Note: Egnyte reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy.

What Does End of Support Mean?

When a product, operating system, or version reaches the end of support, Egnyte will no longer release new product features, bug fixes, or security patches but it will continue to operate past the End of Support date. As a result, if you experience any unexpected behavior after this date, Egnyte will recommend an upgrade to the latest version or comparable product.

What Does End of Life Mean?

When a product, operating system, or version reaches the end of life, Egnyte will no longer support the back-end infrastructure needed for the version to work as expected, and may even actively block the corresponding versions from communicating with the cloud, preventing any use of the application. To take advantage of the latest productivity, performance, and security enhancements, you will need to upgrade to the latest version or product.

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