End of Support Date: September 30th, 2021

End of Life Timeline: Early 2022

Please see NETGEAR's End of Life Timeline

In the last year, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the business and technology landscape. Many more companies are accelerating their spend on cloud storage and cloud technologies to support their distributed workforce. We have enhanced our hybrid solution to make it more intelligent, efficient, and hands-free for our customers to align with these emerging trends.  


We have launched Smart Cache, a hybrid solution that leverages caching technology to automatically store only the most frequently accessed files on the on-premises storage. Furthermore, we have simplified the deployment steps for Smart Cache to be easily installed with a few mouse-clicks on a small form-factor Dell or Lenovo device with Windows 10 Pro. 


Smart Cache versus Storage Sync for NETGEAR

We have upgraded your Storage Sync license to include Smart Cache at no additional cost. Download the Smart Cache installer and deploy it at your office where you have the Storage Sync device. You don’t have to migrate anything from Storage Sync to Smart Cache. With minimum configuration, you can set up the Smart Cache device and cache the most relevant files for users.


Smart Cache provides a superior set of capabilities compared to Storage Sync for NETGEAR. The table below illustrates the primary advantages of deploying Smart Cache at your remote office location.


Smart Cache

Storage Sync for NETGEAR

Real-time Sync



Access to files on on-premise storage



Offline access



Support for large files



Centralized user management



Global File Locking



Single Drive Letter



Automatic failover to Cloud when NAS is down



User Attach Policies for Hybrid Device



Automatic Caching



SMB Support

(scanners, drone use cases)



Off-the-shelf solution


Dell, Lenovo, SuperMicro and more



Host OS



Hybrid Installation


Simplified Installation Wizard for sizing and installing Site Cache


Admin requires to sign in to ReadyNAS admin UI and follow advanced steps for installation

Device Management

Device dashboard on Egnyte cloud

ReadyNAS admin UI

Hardware warranty and Support Options

Sign up with Dell, Lenovo, or preferred partners


Host OS Dependency


Windows OS updates do not impact Site Cache availability


NETGEAR ReadyNAS firmware updates need to align with Storage Sync updates


Future of Storage Sync for NETGEAR

The prosumer NAS market worldwide has seen a significant decline in the last year. Our business partnership with NETGEAR is not impervious to these market changes. Consequently, we are not able to commit to a sustained partnership that will benefit our customers.


We ended support for Storage Sync for NETGEAR on September 30th, 2021. After this date, the Egnyte support team stopped providing support and technical resolution on technical issues pertaining to your NETGEAR ReadyNAS device. Since the Storage Sync software version on NETGEAR platform is outdated, you might experience software issues on this unsupported version after this date. We plan to retire Storage Sync for NETGEAR in early 2022.