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Switching From Microsoft Co-Editing (Legacy) to New Microsoft Office Desktop Co-Editing Integration



This article will go over the step-by-step on how to move from the previous Microsoft Co-Editing (Legacy) integration to the new Microsoft Office Desktop Co-Editing integration. The Office files for both the Legacy integration and the new integration rest in Egnyte so we will only need to change the entry points to edit the documents.

Benefits of New Integration

  • Co-Edit files in the same collaboration session while using either Microsoft Office Online or Office Desktop Apps (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).
  • Directly save Microsoft docs on Egnyte through your Office applications. No SharePoint is used.
  • Easy access to co-edit on desktop through your web interface or Egnyte Desktop App.
  • The integration is an official Microsoft-supported program.
  • Increased file size limits for Online and Desktop Co-Editing.
  • More detailed information on the new integration can be found on this helpdesk article.

Setting Up the Change Over

  • Both Integrations can exist; however, the Legacy integration can only co-edit with the Legacy integration and the new Desktop integration will only be able co-edit with either Online or Desktop. This may lead to some confusion to end users using the integration as they may see someone co-editing and they may not enter.
  • For people to successfully use the new integration users will need to connect their Microsoft Apps to their Egnyte domain. To setup the integration here is an Egnyte University video to help with training.
  • To make the transition easier you can change over during the weekend when users are less likely to be using the integration. Turning off the Legacy integration from the App Store does not end any co-editing sessions, all updates will received and saved into Egnyte. 

How to Switch Over

  1. Find the Microsoft Office (Legacy) tile on the Apps & Integration Page.


  2. Hover over the tile and click on Setting.


  3. Select the Not enabled for domain and click Save.
    After this step is complete no one will be able to open a file using the Legacy integration anymore.


  4. Find the new Microsoft Office Desktop tile on the Apps & Integration page.


  5. Hover over the tile and click on Enable Integration.


  6. This will open up a configuration screen where you will need to click on all three checkboxes before being able to choose how you want to enable the integration on your domain.


  7. The switch over is complete.
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