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Egnyte Document Room Overview


Egnyte Document Room is a single, secure repository for sensitive data that employs AI-powered capabilities to easily manage, find, and utilize unstructured content and information within an organization’s content while preserving data confidentiality.

Following are some of the key value propositions that Egnyte Document Room has to offer to our customers:

Improved Security Posture

A standalone and separate domain to collaborate on your sensitive and confidential information to improve the security posture.

Purpose-Built User Experience

Provides a simple, straightforward portal for external user access, including anonymity controls. This ensures that external stakeholders can collaborate on document rooms with ease without exposing their identity to other external stakeholders. 

Enhanced Content Management

Includes content indexing, permission change alerts, permission templates and deal closure. This improves the overall experience of collaborating on document rooms and makes it a more efficient and effective process. 

Enhanced Sharing Controls

The means to restrict who can access, download, comment and re-share content on a fine-grained basis. This gives better control to the owners of the document rooms to ensure that the stakeholders have appropriate access to the necessary content.

Enhanced Analytics

Provides visibility into who and how often content is accessed on a per-room basis as well as being able to make document owners based on informed decisions while performing due diligence on their document room.

In addition, Egnyte Document Room is commonly used for the following:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Investment Fundraising
  • Board Reporting
  • Asset Sales
  • Private Equity Diligence and IPO Preparation
  • Investor Services
  • Bid Management
  • IP Protection

Egnyte Document Rooms can be configured to provide enhanced sharing controls, with full anonymity across various counterparties. With these Document Rooms, your teams can also access self-service reporting to understand who’s been viewing and interacting with shared documents.

Document Room works seamlessly with your existing Egnyte solution, so there is no need to replicate data or learn new tools.

To learn more about Egnyte Document Room, refer to the following resources:

Document Room capabilities are available only through dedicated Document Room Plans (Document Room and Document Room Enterprise).  Contact your account manager or Egnyte Sales team to get started with the new document room plan.

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