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Egnyte Document Room – FAQs


Q. Why do I need a document room? 

Companies looking to manage and share very sensitive files with partners require additional security and controls beyond what a traditional file-sharing service can provide. 

Egnyte Document Room is a single, secure repository for sensitive data that employs AI-powered capabilities to easily manage, find, and utilize unstructured content and information within an organization’s content while preserving data confidentiality. It provides

  • Enhanced sharing controls
  • Enhanced analytics
  • A purpose-built user experience
  • Enhanced content management
  • AI-powered content insight

Q. How is the Egnyte Document Room different from the traditional Egnyte? 

Egnyte Document Rooms provides additional features not available in traditional Egnyte. They are summarised in the following table. 

  Traditional Egnyte Egnyte Document Room
Access and Activity Reports Reports are available at domain level Self-service, predesigned reports for file audits, user permissions, and provisioning available to document room owners
Folder Tree Users can view all folders they have permissions for in the entire domain Users can only view the folders they have permission to within a specific document room
Restricted access for SU Not available Disabled comments, workflows, version history, activity stream, sensitive metadata like last modified and modified by
Watermarking Files shared via links can be watermarked (higher tier plans only) Files in preview and downloaded files display dynamic watermarks
Content Indexing Not available Automatically adds a unique number to each file and folder
User Portal Not available Users have their own portal displaying the document rooms they can access
Project Lifecycle Available on AEC Package - Close a project and sever links and permissions Close a project, sever links and permissions, and apply RAD policies
Viewer-Only Permission Available to only Platform Enterprise plan (On demand based on technical eligibility) Available with both the Egnyte Document Room plans.

Q. Can I deploy Egnyte Document Room within my existing Egnyte domain?

No. Egnyte Document Room is a dedicated and separate domain to ensure you can securely collaborate on sensitive content in a controlled environment. 

Q. Can I have Egnyte Document Room as one of my MEM domains? 


Q. What different billing plans are available for Egnyte Document Room? 

There are two billing plans – Document Room and Document Room Enterprise. Reach out to your account manager or Egnyte Sales team for more details on these plans. 

Q. How can I get started with Egnyte Document Room?

Please contact your account manager or Egnyte Sales team to get started with a new document room plan.

Q. How can I configure Egnyte Document Room?

Please refer to Configure Document Room Domain – Egnyte for more details on how to configure your Egnyte Document Room. 

Q. What kind of custom branding is supported by Egnyte Document Room? 

The same custom branding capabilities supported by traditional Egnyte are also applicable to Egnyte Document Room. For more details, you can refer to Custom Branding Egnyte – Egnyte.

Q. Can I migrate my data from my existing Egnyte domain/external data sources to the Egnyte Document Room domain? What options are available?  

Yes. There are multiple options available to migrate the data from your existing Egnyte domain/third-party apps into your Egnyte Document Room domain:

  1. You can use the Egnyte to Egnyte Connector feature (your existing domain needs to have Secure & Govern enabled) to sync the data from your existing domain into the new Egnyte Document Room domain. 
  2. For more complex migration or to migrate data from external data sources you can use the Migration Tool provided by Egnyte.
  3. You can also use Egnyte Professional Services to migrate your data from external data sources into your Egnyte Document Room domain. 

Please discuss your specific requirements with your account manager or Egnyte Sales team to help you choose the right option.

Q. Is there any limit on the number of document rooms I can create? 

No, there is no limit.

Q. Does Egnyte Document Room support templates? 

Yes. You can create document rooms based on pre-defined templates but you first need to configure the document room templates before. For more details, please refer to Document Room Templates – Egnyte.

You can also engage with Egnyte Professional Services to help you set up the document room templates. 

Q. I am unable to create document rooms. Do I need any special privileges for creating document rooms?  

Yes, only Admins and Power Users with administrative privileges of managing document rooms are allowed to create document rooms. Please refer to Create and Manage Document Rooms – Egnyte for more details on how to create and manage document rooms.  

Q. How can I customise my document rooms so that the stakeholders can identify them quickly? 

Each document room can be given a specific name, description and logo. 

Q. Can I invite multiple stakeholders to collaborate in my document room? 

Yes. For more details, please refer to Inviting Multiple Users in Document Room – Egnyte.

Q. What is the Document Room Portal in the Egnyte Document Room? 

Document Room Portal is the default landing page where stakeholders can access all the document rooms that they have permissions for. For more details, please refer to Document Room Collaboration Portal – Egnyte

Q. I cannot see content indexed in the file and folder listing. How can I enable it? 

In Egnyte Document Room files and folders are auto-indexed with a unique number when a new folder is created or a new file is uploaded. However, the index is only displayed when you access the Document Room from the Document Room Portal. If you access the Document Room via Collaborate app you will not see the indexing numbers.   

Q. I want to export the file and folder listing of my document room along with the index. How can I do that?  

You can export the index report which will have all the files and folders contained within the document room along with respective indexes by going to More > Download Index (CSV) from the file and folder listing of the root folder within any document room.  

Q. Are there any restrictions for Admins and Power Users in the Egnyte Document Room?


Q. Are there any restrictions for Standard Users in the Egnyte Document Room?

Yes, Standard Users are the external stakeholders collaborating on sensitive content and hence there are some restrictions on what they can do. 

Standard users will have limited collaboration abilities within the document room. They will not be able to access the following:

  • Document comments
  • Document workflows
  • Document version history
  • Sharing folder and file links
  • Folder activity stream
  • File and folder details like modified by, last modified, etc.

Q. What kind of reporting and analytics capabilities are available with Egnyte Document Room?

Document Room owners and privileged internal collaborators have access to specific reports to track file usage and governance within their document rooms. For more details, please refer to Utilizing Document Room Specific Reports – Egnyte.

Q. What is the maximum time duration available for the reports? 

The past 180 days. 

Q. What is the default time duration selected for running the reports? 

The Last 7 days.  

Q. Can I selectively enable watermarking for specific document rooms?  

Yes, but only if the domain admin has configured the Egnyte Document Room to allow Document Room owners to override the domain-level watermarking configuration for document rooms. Then the Document Room Owners can decide whether they want to watermark files previewed and downloaded within specific document rooms or not. 

Q. If watermarking is enabled which permission levels will see watermarks?

When the watermarking is enabled for the document room, the files previewed by viewer and viewer-only permission will be watermarked. In addition, the files downloaded with viewer permission will also be watermarked.

Q. Why can’t I download a folder in the Egnyte Document Room?

Currently, Egnyte does not support watermarking the files when the entire folder is downloaded. In order to reduce unauthorized dissemination, when watermarking on download for viewer permission is enabled, downloading the entire folder is prevented.  

Q. Why can’t I download some files in the Egnyte Document Room. 

Currently, Egnyte does not support watermarking files above 50 MB size (for txt files it is 1 MB). In order to reduce unauthorized dissemination, downloading of files larger than 50 MB in size is prevented.  

Q. What kind of lifecycle management capabilities are available in the Egnyte Document Room?  

Document room lifecycle management allows you to remove external access to a document room and initiate previously created retention, archival, or deletion policies on a document room after completion. For more details, please refer to Document Room Lifecycle Management – Egnyte.

Q. What integrations are available with Egnyte Document Room? 

Technically all the integrations supported by Egnyte are also available with Egnyte Document Room. However, only MS and Google co-editing integrations, Power User-initiated DocuSign, and Adobe Sign integrations are fully supported and hence can be safely enabled and used. 

Q. Can I use SSO to access Egnyte Document Room? 

Yes, the Egnyte Document Room supports integration with several SSO service providers exactly the same as traditional Egnyte. Please note that only Admins and Power Users can be externally authenticated via SSO. For more details on how to configure SSO, you can refer to Single Sign-On (SSO) Configuration – Egnyte.

Q. Can I use the Desktop and Mobile App to collaborate on Egnyte Document Room? 

The Desktop App, Desktop Sync and Mobile App are not fully optimized for document rooms and we recommend they not be enabled. 

Q. Can I use Public APIs to integrate third-party applications with Egnyte Document Room?  

Although Public APIs are not fully optimized for Document Room, they are available to be used for any third-party integrations. However, it is strongly recommended not to have any third-party integrations with Egnyte Document Room to ensure content security and confidentiality. 


Note: Document Room capabilities are available only through dedicated Document Room Plans - Document Room and Document Room Enterprise.
Contact your account manager or Egnyte Sales team to get started with the new document room plan.

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