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Document Room Lifecycle Management


Updating Document Room Status

To update the document room timelines, including lifecycle phase and start and end date, click on More > Document Room Settings. If you would like to convert the document room back to a standard folder, click on Don’t treat as Document Room anymore.image5.png


Initiating Document Room Clean Up

Document Room lifecycle management also makes it quick and convenient to remove external access to the document room and apply pre-defined retention, archival, or deletion policies on the document room after completion of the document room. 

To initiate the clean-up, the document room owner must first open to the Document Room Settings page. This can be found by navigating inside the Document Room either from Document Room Portal or Collaborate and then selecting More > Document Room Settings (as shown in screenshot below).

On the Document Room Settings page, updating the Status to Done will initiate the document room clean-up process.

There are 2 major components to the document room clean-up process.

  • A notification that the document room might be under Content Archiving Policy will be displayed. If any Content Lifecycle policies have already been created and are applicable to this document room, the policies will begin upon selecting Save.
  • There will be an option to Clean up Document Room after saving status asDone”. Selecting this checkbox and then Save will open a new document room clean-up window where links & standard user access can be revoked.

When “Clean up Document Room” has been selected a new window will appear with three sections, each with its own options.

  1. Section 1: Links associated with this Document Room – a user has the option to delete links or leave them in place.
  2. Section 2: Standard User Accounts associated with this Document Room – a user has the option to Select or view users, Delete all users, Deactivate all users, or Don't do anything. When they click on Select or view users, they can delete or deactivate users on a case-by-case basis. 
  3. Section 3: Standard User Accounts associated with this and other document rooms - Selecting View users, lists out all the standard users that have access to this document room and the other document rooms within your domain; however, standard users cannot be deleted or disabled from this interface.

When Clean-up is selected a final confirmation screen will be shown. This screen requires the user to type a confirmation message and then select Clean up Users and links to complete the process.


Document Room capabilities are available only through dedicated Document Room Plans - Document Room and Document Room Enterprise.
Contact your account manager or Egnyte Sales team to get started with the new document room plan.

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