Am I Subject to Any Restrictions?

Trial Account Limits

Trial accounts have a limit on certain file types that could be used to send malware. Examples include (zip, exe, bat, etc.). Likewise, there is a limit on the number of share links allowed to be created in a trial domain. These are precautionary help to prevent spammers from utilizing Egnyte to send malware. These limits are only applied to trials and are lifted immediately upon subscription.  

Trial users on all plans are restricted to uploading 1 GB of data via FTP and are limited to 20 GB of total storage on their trial domain. These restrictions are lifted immediately upon subscription, but there are still a few things to keep in mind.

Paid Account Limits

Plan File Size Limits

Note: Different plans are subject to different file size limits.

Office Plans: 10 GB

Business Plans: 10 GB

Enterprise Plans: 25 GB


Egnyte offers many different ways to get your content into the cloud. Please note that your overall plan file size limits apply regardless of the upload mechanism that you use.

1. Dragging and Dropping files into the web interface: works for files up to 100 GB in size.

2. Browsing for Files from the web interface upload screen: works for files up to 100 GB in size.

3. Accessing files through the Desktop App: subject only to plan file size limits. 

4. Desktop or server synchronization using Desktop Sync or Storage Sync: subject only to plan file size limits.

5FTP uploading: subject only to plan file size limits. We do not recommend using FTP to upload more than 500 GB of files.

6. For very large uploads of more than 500 GB, we offer a ship drive service that you can learn more about here


You can download up to 10 GB or 10,000 files at a time from the Web UI for folder downloads or multi-file downloads which create a zip. This restriction is different from the limits that apply when users download from Shared File Links (see below).

Also, keep in mind that browsers impose their own set of limitations on downloading which you can change.

There is no limit for single file downloads.

Downloading from Shared File Links

Customers on the Office and Business plans are subject to limits on the quantity of data that can be downloaded from shared file links: 5 GB per hour or 60 GB per month. For example, if you sent 5 people a file link to a 2 GB video, and they all downloaded the video within an hour, you would be in violation of the shared file link data limit. Users will start seeing a message "sender's monthly download quota has been reached".

Note: The monthly limit is reset at the beginning of every month.

Sending Attachments

When sending a file attachment from the Web UI, you are limited to attachments that are 5 MB or less.

If you have questions about your account's file link limits, please contact your Egnyte representative


Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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