Egnyte gives your users the freedom to access their files from anywhere, making them more productive, so it’s important to get your files in Egnyte as quickly as possible. This guide will help you make a more informed decision about the tools you can use to migrate to Egnyte. The method you use to migrate your data, users and permissions depend on the amount of data you are transferring, where it's stored, available bandwidth, etc. Remember, users can add files and folders they have stored on their local machines, too. Point them to the article, A User's Guide to Adding Content to Egnyte.


Customer Guide to Choosing a Migration Method Use Cases

Use Case Migration Tool Options   Limitations
On-prem to Egnyte Migration 3rd party Migration Tool, such as Tervela

Large number of regional offices for migration (>20 offices)

Wants an aggregated dashboard, real-time stats in the cloud. 

Wants a self-service tool or

Additional costs involved for Tervela or Professional Services engagement

Recommend job sizes below 2-4 TB, 2M objects. Multiple jobs can run concurrently.

  Cloud Migration Manager  Agent

Requires Professional Services contract

IT staff proficient with command-line tools

Optionally want to migrate permissions

Wants to migrate data where source changes and true-ups are required

5 million objects per migration job

500 MB RAM per migration job

  Cloud Migration Manager  Virtual Machine

Optionally want to migrate permissions and

Wants to migrate data where source does not change (no true-ups) and

Requires virtualization environment


1 TB max, 1M objects per job
  SyncBack Pro (3rd party tool) 

Customer needs to move data and true-ups and

Does not need to migrate permissions.

Wants to self-serve (will have a user interface to monitor and manage migration)

Recommended job sizes below 2 TB, 1M objects.
  Storage Sync

Is going to deploy Storage Sync for hybrid collaboration and

Is willing to copy data from the source to Storage Sync with SyncBack Pro

Requires virtualized infrastructure and storage for staging the migration and

Does not need to migrate permissions

Does not require migration logs or reports

10 Million objects per Storage Sync device


Data Migration

Tervela (3rd party tool)

Large migration projects and

Source may be changing and

May need permission migration from the source domain

Involves additional costs

Projects > 5 TB

Professional Services recommended 

  Content Lifecycle Archival Policy

It is an archive migration and

Retention Archival Deletion (RAD) package enabled and

Exact migration source folder paths for archival is defined

Lifecycle policies need to be defined through the dashboard

  Egnyte Cloud Copy

Requires Professional Services contract and

Used for small projects 

Projects < 5 TB


For other Egnyte-to-Egnyte migration use-cases not covered above, contact Professional Services

GDrive/Box/Dropbox to Egnyte Migration Tervela (3rd party tool)

Requires Professional Services contract or

Direct contract with Tervela or other 3rd party vendors



When to Consider Egnyte Professional Services

If you need help migrating to Egnyte, our professional services team can help. Egnyte Professional Services are especially helpful when you’re:

  • Migrating a large amount of data
  • Migrating from another cloud provider
  • Have multiple office locations
  • Have limited internal resources to help with the project
  • For other migration services not covered above

Reach out to your Account Manager today so we can begin customizing your roadmap to success