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What are Project Folders?


Project folders can be created in Egnyte to assign a specific folder and its contents to a particular project within your organization. A project can exist for any purpose regardless of industry, but it is most commonly used in architecture, engineering, and construction.

By marking a folder as a project folder in Egnyte, a Project name, Project ID, Project description, Project status (active, closed, etc.) and more can be assigned to the folder for richer life-cycle tracking capabilities.

There are also some features including Smart Upload and Project Lifecycle Management that are dependent on the use of Project Folders.

Project folders will be identified by a unique icon in the folder tree within your domain, as shown in the screenshot below.


Project folders are included in the Platform Enterprise-Lite and Platform Enterprise plans, as well as the Project Control Add-On.

To learn more about getting started with project folders, please refer to the related article Create a Project Folder.

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