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Automated Project Detection


Automated project detection streamlines users’ access to Project Folders within the Egnyte mobile app. After setting a geographic location and radius on a project folder, users who travel to the predefined location will receive an automated notification on their mobile device upon entering the project’s vicinity. The notification will offer the users an option to jump directly to the relevant Project Folder.

Screenshot at Dec 20 11-38-22.png      Screenshot at Dec 20 11-37-56.png

Users who want to receive the automated notifications need to enable location services in the device settings and allow the Egnyte app to access the device location. A prompt to allow location permissions will be shown to Project Folders users when they go to a project folder for the first time (provided that it has the geolocation set).

Location-Triggered Project Access Notifications are available for Project Control Add-on users only.

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