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WebUI - Advanced Video Playback and Other Enhancements


External Release Notes: WebUI (March 27, 2024)

New Features and Enhancements

Advanced Video Playback Enhancement 

Egnyte provides Advanced Video Playback to enrich customers’ video preview experience. Users will now see a banner during video previews, alerting them if the actual video duration exceeds the currently supported 90-minute limit. This ensures users are aware of longer videos, contributing to a more immersive viewing experience. 

Links Dashboard – Manage Links Shared by Deactivated/Deleted Users 

Egnyte now provides the admins with an option on the Links Dashboard to filter the links shared by deactivated and deleted users. This will help them get easy visibility and control of links shared by users who are no longer active in the system. 

Dropdown Fields in Egnyte Sign  

Egnyte Sign now offers dropdown fields that can be added to a form by the requestor. Users can drag and drop these fields in a document.  


The Edit Dropdown field option will appear on the screen allowing the requester to add a Field label and Dropdown options.  The user can choose a default option by selecting Show this as selected radio button.


To learn more about Egnyte Sign features, visit Sending and Managing Signature Requests

‘Items to be Purged’ Tab and Email Notifications 

Egnyte has enhanced its trash functionality with the introduction of the Items to be Purged tab. This feature enables admins to identify and restore files that are slated for automatic removal from trash.  Admins can now easily review the list of items to be purged using time duration filters.   

An automated email notification is sent to admins that include a list of items to be purged according to the trash retention settings.


Issues Addressed 

Direct Link File Preview - Incorrect File Count in Footer 

The file preview displayed an incorrect file count in the footer when opened from the direct link.

Additional Information and Resources 

The current release contains a few improvements to existing functionality. 

  • Minor performance, security, and stability improvements 
  • Minor UI improvements 
  • Minor bug fixes 

These changes will be available to all users by March 28, 2024. 


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