Video files are increasingly becoming one of the most common file types uploaded and shared with Egnyte.  With the current Egnyte’s Web UI preview capabilities, a user can see only video formats natively supported for preview in the user’s web browser, primarily MP4 files with H.264 encoded video and either AAC or MP3 encoded audio streams (with video file sizes limited to 500MB).

Advanced Video Playback feature makes available:  

  • Support for additional formats such as MOV, WMV, AVI, MPEG, M4V.
  • Support for previews of video files larger than 500MB (e.g. for MP4).
  • Video streaming to reduce bandwidth and to make it easier to search within a video file.

Upon turning on the Advanced Video Playback capability, newly uploaded videos will be transcoded into the HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) format for efficient streaming of video of a wide variety of source formats. This document explains the details and known issues of the Advanced Video Playback feature. 


Supported Video Formats

The following video formats are enabled:

  • mov, avi, wmv, mp4, mpeg, m4v

Support for the MP4, MPEG, M4V formats for advanced video playback was added on Feb. 11, 2021. 

If there are additional formats that are important to your organization, please let us know, and we may be able to enable video support for those formats.

Video Resolution

Transcoded videos will be generated at a 720p resolution. Higher resolution videos will be downscaled, while smaller videos will be kept at their original size.

Maximum Video Size/Length

The maximum size for videos that will be transcoded is 2GB or 90 minutes of video. Larger videos (either size or length) will not be transcoded.

Video Streaming

Videos will be streamed to the user as an HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) stream, streaming just enough of the video to watch. The user can click on a different section of the video, and the player will skip to that portion and buffer the content.



Limitation: G Suite-backed domains are not yet supported

The feature is not yet supported for G Suite-backed domains.

Limitation: New videos only

Only newly uploaded files will be transcoded for Advanced Video Preview. For older videos, they will be silently queued for transcoding when a user tries to preview the video file in the Web UI so that the first time they preview that file, they might see a message that "This file type cannot be previewed," however when a user tries to preview the file after some time, it might be already possible to preview the video file. 

Similarly, if there is a File Link to an older video file and the link has been accessed, the file will be queued for transcoding as well.

If you have a specific folder with video files that you would like to be transcoded, you can contact Egnyte Support at support@egnyte.com, and the transcoding of video files within this folder will be performed.

Limitation: Preview delay

It takes time to transcode videos to another format, so video preview is not available immediately for video files. Usually, videos will be previewable a few minutes after upload, but larger/longer videos will take more time.

Limitation: Web-only + Android App 

Support for Advanced Video Preview is currently limited to the Web UI. The support of this feature has been added to the Android App (Egnyte 8.12 or higher). iOS support is not available yet.

Limitation (Folder Links):  Advanced Video Playback is currently not available for previews of video files on shared Folder Links