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Egnyte Sign Overview and Administration


Egnyte Sign allows you to send an electronic signature request for a document stored in Egnyte.  Recipients sign in their browser and a legally binding signed copy is saved back to Egnyte as a digitally signed PDF. 

Key Capabilities of Egnyte Sign include:

  • Legally binding electronic signature process
  • Sending requests to anyone with an email address
  • Parallel or sequential signature workflows
  • Add signature, initial, text, and date fields 
  • PDF digital signatures with an Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) certificate with Long Term Validation (LTV) to ensure data integrity
  • A signature dashboard to track sent and received signature requests

Learn how to send a signature request

Learn how to sign a signature request

Egnyte Sign is available as part of the PDF File Handler Add-On. Contact your account manager or Egnyte Sales team to get access to this feature.


Egnyte Sign offers several configuration options for administrators.  Access these options in Collaborate Settings in the Configuration > Signatures screen.


The following settings are available:



Permission By default, any Administrator or Power User in your domain can send signature requests.  To limit who can send requests, choose the Specific Groups option and add up to 10 Egnyte groups.  Any Admin or Power User in those groups will be allowed to send a signature request. 
Note: Standard Users cannot send signature requests
Custom Consent Egnyte provides a default Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure. This option allows you to customize that disclosure. You can enter up to 8000 characters in your custom disclosure.

Audit Reporting

Actions performed by users in Egnyte Sign are tracked in the Signature Reports audit report.  The report tracks the following actions:

  • Completed document download
  • Completed document preview
  • Signature consent
  • Request cancelled
  • Request completed
  • Request created
  • Request expired
  • Signature request opened
  • Signed

Supported File Types and Limitations



Supported File Types pdf, docx, doc, pptx, ppt, xlsx, xls, gdoc, gsheet, gslides, rtf, jpg, jpeg, png
Maximum File Size 24MB
Maximum Page Length 100 pages
Maximum Signer Count 10 signers per request
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