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Desktop App Overview


The Egnyte Desktop App provides fast real-time access to your files and folders stored in the cloud from your computer. Once connected, all Egnyte content you can access in the cloud will appear in a network drive in Windows Explorer or volume on Mac Finder. You will be able to view all your files and folders in the cloud without having first to sync them to your computer. Furthermore, you'll also be able to select specific folders to be synchronized for access, even when you are offline.

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Supported Operating Systems

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Browse and Modify Cloud Data Directly From Your Computer

Easily browse all the Egnyte files and folders that you have access to directly from Mac Finder or Windows Explorer. The Egnyte Desktop App will allow you to access all the files you have available in the cloud without requiring all the disk space to store them. Disk space is only occupied temporarily by files that are currently open or were recently opened. The Egnyte Desktop app will automatically download and upload files and folders as you create, rename, update, and delete them.

Screen_Shot_2019-02-07_at_11.32.59_AM.png Screen_Shot_2019-02-07_at_11.34.59_AM.png

If a large number of files are being uploaded through the Desktop App, you’ll see a progress indicator of how many files are left.


If any of the files had to be skipped during the upload process, quickly see a list with the file names and the reason the file had to be skipped. Once any corrections are made, just click a button to retry all of the files.

Recent Files

The Desktop App allows users to view recently visited files via the Recents section.  This section become available automatically when the user is on the Home icon.


At this time, a user can only see the last 10 recently viewed items, which rotate based on last viewed status.

Sync Folders for Offline Access

Need access to some folders even while you're offline? The option to sync for offline access is readily available. Let the Desktop App keep selected folders synchronized to your computer so you can access them even when you don't have an internet connection. Any changes you make while offline are automatically uploaded once an internet connection is re-established. The option to sync folders for offline access must be enabled by an Egnyte Administrator on your domain.

Windows_offline_sync_-_cropped.png  Mac_offline_access_-_cropped.png

Automatically Access Files From the Best Location

Simply select which folders you want to sync for offline access and work with your files in your normal manner. The Desktop App automatically decides whether your file will be downloaded from the cloud or an up-to-date copy that's already on your machine. This ensures you get the best experience based on your current location and internet connection. Future versions of the app will be able to automatically connect to office file servers set up by your Admin for even faster access to content without requiring the disk space to store all files on your desktop computer. 

Integrations with Other Desktop Applications

Open, edit, and save files directly from Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, Autodesk AutoCAD, and many more. Through the Desktop App, you can even access files with Office Online, share files through Slack, or send them directly to DocuSign to make collaboration more seamless than ever before.



Global File Locking

When one person opens a file using the app, the file will automatically be locked. As long as the file remains open, any other user attempting to access the same file will be notified of the lock if they're online and will not be able to edit or delete the file. The file will still be available for viewing. For more information on file locking, please refer to the file locking and versioning article.

File Sharing Directly From Your Computer

Quickly share a file from Windows Explorer or Mac Finder! Right click on a file and click "Share" to open a browser window where you can share a link to the file.



Support for Multiple Accounts

Customers with multiple Egnyte accounts can set up and sync from multiple drives. The Desktop App can support multiple drives which can be designated as mounted or unmounted through a shortcut in the Menu bar. Furthermore, multiple users on the same machine may add their own accounts, while the app will ensure that each user can only access content from their own account.


Connect to Local Folders

Connected folders can be set up so any folders stored on your computer can be kept in sync with specified folders in the cloud. Setting up connected folders is particularly useful for linking library folders such as your Desktop, Documents, Pictures, and Downloads folders with folders in the cloud. Any changes between the folder on the hard drive or the corresponding folders in the cloud are kept in sync in real time.

Support for Large Files

The Egnyte Desktop App supports opening and editing individual files up to your plan's max file size limit so all of your files can be opened and edited.


The Egnyte Desktop App is available to all customers for Windows and Mac. Only Admin and Power users can download and use the Egnyte Desktop App.

Supported Operating Systems

Refer to Egnyte Policy for Browser and OS Support 

Egnyte Desktop App for Windows

Windows 10

Windows 11

ARM-based processors are not supported.

Egnyte Desktop App for Mac

These three major released versions:

  • macOS Sonoma
  • macOS Ventura
  • macOS Monterey

Recommended Hardware

  • 8GB RAM
  • 250MB for the initial install
  • 4GB of free disk space for each drive mounted by Egnyte so that the Desktop App can store a temporary copy of files accessed from the cloud
  • [Optional] Additional disk space to store folders that are marked for offline access

Upgrade Path

  • Egnyte Drive 1.x → Egnyte Desktop App 3.x

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