Reports & Auditing Overview

You can run a host of reports and audits from Egnyte's web interface. Reports are available only to admin users and power users with the "can run reports" role, and audit reports are only available on domains which have purchased this feature.

Access the reports by clicking the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

You have many options (detailed below).

  • File Server Size Report: provides space utilization across Shared, Private folder and My Backups
  • Folder Size Report: provides folder statistics such as space usage and number of files by sub-folder for one or more chosen folders
  • Link Summary Report: provides a listing of all active links on files and folders and upcoming expiration dates
  • Sync Status Report: details the health of sync clients (desktop sync, storage sync) that are accessing your cloud.
  • Lock Summary Report: Shows all of the files in your account which are currently locked.
  • User Permission Report: provides information on each user and the access permissions they have to shared folders on your file server
  • File Audit Report: provides information about the activities performed by each user on the files/folders in your file server. This enables you to track down various activities across your file server at a user level. The Audit Report is available for Business plans or higher.
  • Permissions Audit Report: details changes users have made to folder permissions.
  • Login Audit Report: provides an audit of the login information of each user into your file server.  All failed and successful login attempts are recorded and reported.
  •  User Provisioning Report: lets you monitor the creation, update, and deletion of users in your Egnyte account. It’s a good option when you need to see who created or deleted a specific user or generally track any updates to your users’ personal details.
  • Group Provisioning Report: lets administrators monitor the history of group creation, updates, and deletion. This is beneficial if you want to see who created or deleted a specific group or generally track any changes in a group’s membership.

Audit trail activity older than 3 months will be purged automatically. This means you will not see activities beyond three months at any time in your audit report. 

We recommend that you run reports frequently and export or archive them. 

- When you choose to Export the report, the report will get downloaded to your local machine as a CSV file. You may choose to export your audit reports to Excel periodically to maintain logs of activities that happened more than 3 months ago. 

- Click the “Archive” option in the dropdown next to a completed report to automatically export it as a CSV to a special shared folder in your Egnyte account. When you choose to Archive the reports, they are removed from your Reports tab and saved as a CSV fie in /Shared/Egnyte Audit Reports/

- Save/Schedule Query will allow you to automate the report on a specified day. You can specify what folders do you want this scheduled query to run through and for which users. 

You can also automate the archiving of these reports. If global archiving is enabled, reports will automatically be moved to the archive folder after 30 days. The setting is shown below.

Settings => Configuration => General = >Reporting =>Enable Archive saved audit reports.

We will send an email notifying you in advance of an approaching audit trail data store purge. 


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