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Retrieving Files from an Archive Domain


Archive domains within Egnyte are designed to be "cold storage," with users not needing to interact with those files, so access is limited to administrators.  Due to this, when a user does need to retrieve a file from an archive domain, the administrators must take steps to assist the user. There are two ways files can be added back to the active domain:  


Share a Link to the File/Folder with the User

Sharing a file or folder link with the user will allow them to view/download the file themselves and then upload it to the active domain location of their choosing.

There are two easy ways to do this from the web interface. You can hover over the file and select the Share button next to the file name.




You can also select the checkbox next to the file or right-click on the file and hover over the Share option from the action menu.


When the dialog opens, you’ll see a summary of the security and expiration options available. You’ll also be given the option to either copy or email the link.


If you click Get Link, the screen will change to show a link URL already highlighted. You can copy the link and paste it into the body of the email client you are using to send emails.


Choose Email Link, and you will be prompted to enter your recipient’s email address.


To adjust your link's settings before sharing it, click Change link options.

Under Change link options, you can...

  • Set the link to expire after a certain date.
  • Set the link to expire after a certain number of clicks. 
  • Set whether the link always points to the most recent version of the file or whether it references this version only.
  • Decide whether this link can be viewed by anyone (a public link), anyone with a password (password protected public link), only those from your Egnyte account (a private link), or only users from your Egnyte account whom you specify (a user-restricted private link).
  • Choose whether the file can be downloaded or is preview-only
  • Request an email notification whenever the link is clicked.


Share Folder Links

When you want to share the contents of an entire folder with a colleague who doesn't have permissions to a folder or with an outside business partner, browse to the folder and then select the Share option followed by the Share Folder Link option.


The folder link dialog looks very similar to the file link dialog. You can adjust the link's options to decide who will have access to the folder, set an expiration for the link, and more.

When the recipient opens a folder link, they'll see a display of all its contents. They can preview the contents there, download all of it at once, or pick individual files. If you have password-protected your public folder link, they'll be asked to enter the password before they can proceed.


Download the File and Upload it to the Active Domain

The administrator can download the required files from the Archive Domain and then upload them back into the active domain so the user can access them.

Download Files

To download files from Egnyte, either right click on the file in the WebUI and select Download from the menu or select the file via the checkbox and select Download from the menu provided



Download Files

To download files from Egnyte, either right click on the folder or select the folder via checkbox in the WebUI and select Download from the menu. You can also select Download from the top menu options once you have navigated into the folder.



Upload Files

To upload files to Egnyte, drag and drop them into the browser or select and upload them using the Choose files button after selecting Upload from the folder.

Drag and Drop

You can drag and drop as many files as you want as long as each one is less than 25GB, but each browser is slightly different.

  • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge allow you to drag and drop files and folders.
  • Safari allows you to drag and drop files starting with version 6.
  • Internet Explorer allows you to drag and drop files starting with version 10.


Browse for Files

Uploading files through the browser is another easy way to upload files smaller than 25 GB and will work on all browsers. Just click the Upload button and then choose Choose Files; you’ll be able to select one or more files for upload from your desktop.

Upload Folders

Drag and Drop

If you are running Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari, you can drag and drop folders directly into the Web UI.

Desktop App

Another efficient way to upload folders to the cloud is to use Desktop App.

Considerations when uploading files from an Archive domain

When uploading files that were in an Archive domain, the active Egnyte file system views the files as new uploads and will treat them as such. Due to that, users need to be aware of how they will be interacting with the file:

  • If a file is uploaded from archive and users do not take any action on it, it could be re-archived due to the archival policy that originally moved it.
  • If a user opens/views the uploaded file, it will change the last accessed time so if the policy is based on last accessed date won't be re-archived.
  • If a user makes changes to the uploaded file, the created/modified time will be updated so a policy based on created date won't be re-archived.


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