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Username Rename


When your Egnyte users change their name due to a marriage, or Admins need to adjust the format of usernames, you'll no longer need to recreate these users from scratch. Now, you can simply change the username from the Web UI or through Active Directory (AD Kit). 

There is a very small group of customers that will not have this feature enabled due to settings in the Active Directory Kit. If you are one of these customers, please reach out to our Support team to learn more about the possible impact on your users and get it enabled.

Usernames aren't just displayed to the end-user but are also used to connect with different devices, like the Mobile App, Desktop App, Smart Cache, and more. Because there are many dependencies with various devices, the username rename changes have some limitations. You can see an overview of the process described below.


Change Username in Web UI

Only Administrators can change a username.

  1. Click on the Settings icon on the left, click Settings, expand the Users & Groups section and click on Users.

  2. Hover over the user and click Details.


  3. Select the Profile tab and click Change username from the menu.


  4. Be sure to read the warnings, so you understand what happens when a username is changed. You can also read about them in the Limitations and Known Issues section of this article. Click I understand, continue when ready to proceed.
  5. Enter the new username and click Save.

The Administrator that initiated the change will receive an email notification when it's finalized.

Limitations and Known Issues


  • Desktop App: Users will need to manually need to delete offline files from the device
  • Mobile App: The app will need to be reinstalled to clean the offline files from the device's storage
  • Storage Sync: Administrators need to manually map new usernames if there is no Active Directory

Known Issues

  • Changing the username for an account can take some time if the user has a large Private folder.
  • During the process, the login is disabled, and the user will be unable to access the account until the operation is completed
  • Any user actions in progress will be canceled and all of the user's active sessions will end
  • All of the user's login tokens will be invalidated and they must re-authenticate all devices (Mobile, Desktop App, Storage Sync...)
  • Private folders will need to be re-synced for offline access
  • All of the user's browser bookmarks to Egnyte will stop working
  • The user's folder bookmarks within Egnyte will stop working
  • All audit reports will stop returning any records for a user before the username rename change
  • Permissions and login audit reports will stop returning any record for previous usernames

If you have any questions or run into any issues, contact our Support team.


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