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Smart Cache is the next-generation hybrid technology platform from Egnyte. This solution combines the performance and scalability aspects of Storage Sync along with many new and compelling end-user and Administrator features as listed below.

  • Single Drive Letter: Users with the Egnyte Desktop App installed on their laptops can conveniently access files on Smart Cache.

    This allows the Desktop App to access both Egnyte cloud-stored files and Smart Cache device-stored files conveniently and it automatically connects to the cloud when users are at home and connects to the device if one is available on their office's Local Area Network.

  • Global File Locking: Smart Cache in the Egnyte Desktop App allows users to lock files they are editing, preventing others from editing the same file.

    Global File Locking is enforced if a user opens the file on their device, preventing other users from opening the file in the cloud or on another Smart Cache device at a different location.

  • Automatic Discovery and Location Awareness: Traveling (or roaming) users can use the Desktop App to access files stored in Smart Cache devices at different offices, provided they have authorization.

    The Desktop App determines the nearest Smart Cache device using network tests for bandwidth and latency and connects to the appropriate device or the cloud. This ensures users can seamlessly access their files in the most optimal way while moving between offices using the Desktop App.

  • Cloud Management: Smart Cache devices are effortlessly monitored and managed in the cloud.

    IT administrators can remotely check device synchronization status, authorize user or group access, and perform software upgrades for all registered devices.

  • Support for SMB Mode: Smart Cache enables file copying over a UNC path from various devices like network scanners, printers, lab instruments, and drones.

    This feature caters to situations where the host machines cannot have the Desktop App installed and a UNC path is the only available option to upload files from the device.

  • Single-Site Revit Co-Editing: In SMB collaboration mode, Smart Cache allows users to co-edit Revit files with enabled worksharing.

    This feature is designed specifically for the AEC industry, enabling real-time collaboration among peer designers working on Revit applications.

  • Multi-User Civil 3D Support: In SMB collaboration mode, Smart Cache allows multiple users to work on single Civil 3D files.

    This feature allows Civil 3D master file to load cross-reference files faster and thus increasing the performance of the application loading time.

    Ready to install? Proceed to the Smart Cache download page to review the system requirements, download instructions, and product guide.


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