If your firewall allows a wildcard hostname when setting up rules, we recommend using the hostname for  Wildcard (All services). If specific sites or hostnames are required in your firewall, the table below shows service specific hostnames. Simply replace domain with your actual domain (customer account) name. 

Hostnames (All locations)
Component Hostname
Wildcard (All services)


Cloud Services


Sync sync-domain.egnyte.com


Cloud Migration Manager Review the Cloud Migration Manager Specifications section of the Product Guide
Smart Cache (FKA Turbo) Review the Firewall Domains Allowed section of the Hyper-V or VMware Product Guides


IP Addresses

If you use a Directory Service Integration, like Microsoft Active Directory and\or are using a custom SMTP email server with your domain, please allow the following IP subnets based on the data center location. In addition, the subnets below, also allow allowing against the various platform services if you cannot allow based on hostname as described in the section above.

Location Default IP Subnet Address
West Coast

East Coast



Mail Server IP Addresses

To ensure users are able to receive all email from Egnyte, please add the following IP addresses to your allowed sites.


If using a custom SMTP email server, please allow the data center IP address as well the email server IP, depending on the location from the table above.