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Desktop App for WIN v 3.17.1 - Supporting AutoCAD Locking (Limited Availablility)


Release Date:  Desktop App for Windows v3.17.1 (June 13, 2024)

New Features and Improvements

Support for AutoCAD Locks (Limited Availability)

Support for DWL files has been added.  These hidden files contain information about AutoCAD locks, which are created when a user opens a corresponding DWG file and shows the information regarding the lock owner.  This should allow improved collaboration on AutoCAD files.

This feature is in Limited Availability phase. Contact support@egnyte.com to have it enabled.

Improved Versioning of ArchiCAD, WaterCAD, and Autodesk Inventor Files

Previously, ArchiCAD, WaterCAD and Autodesk Inventor temporary files were not being uploaded to the cloud despite these being responsible for versioning and internal application functions. File versioning has been improved and support has been added for the following extensions:

  • ArchiCAD - .pln and .tlp
  • WaterCAD - .wtg
  • Autodesk Inventor - .IPT, .IAM, .IDW, and .IPN


Issues Addressed

Autodesk NWF Files not Being Saved 

An issue that has been present since Desktop App version 3.15.0, where NavisWorks files were occasionally either not saved (an error message was displayed), or not uploaded to Smart Cache appliance. 

Connecting Folders to Cloud Caused Data to be Deleted in the Cloud

When using Connected folders, a sequence of folder rename and creation of another folder in place of the old one was triggering a deletion of a re-created folder on the cloud. 

Fast Renames of Files Synced for Offline Access Being Corrupted

When using Offline folders, fast local file rename and replace were incorrectly recognized and applied on the cloud filesystem. As a result, files were getting corrupted.


Known Issues/Limitations

No new limitations have been discovered.

Refer to this article for the list of known limitations



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