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Known Limitations for Desktop App


While we constantly strive to provide you with best possible experience, there are some limitations to what we can do on the current versions of Desktop App. Here is the list of known limitations for Desktop App:

Desktop App for Windows

  • Co-Editing is not supported with Smart Cache connection for versions of Smart Cache below 2.7.
  • If a user has an “ask” as a default co-editing setting, simultaneous opening of more than one MS Office document can result in an error.
  • When opening a large Excel file in co-editing mode takes over 30 seconds, then the collaboration pop-up may appear for the second time.
  • Starting or joining a co-editing session in the newest Microsoft integration when there is no default integration selected on the domain level by double-click will result in opening a document in Microsoft Office Desktop (previously the user was able to choose between Microsoft Office Desktop or Microsoft Office Online).
  • Mounting an ISO file directly from Desktop App is not supported. ISO files need to be first copied to the local drive or used from Connected Folders.
  • Executable (.exe) files are not supported. See a detailed article here.
  • Uploading files directly from iPhone to Egnyte drive on Windows 11 can occasionally fail, especially when transferring large numbers of images. We recommend copying files to the local drive first and then uploading them to the Egnyte drive.
  • Currently, if the Desktop App is deployed to ARM-based devices using MDM tools or by running msiexec with /qn or /quiet switch, Egnyte right-click context menu options will not be available. This will be addressed in an upcoming patch release.

Desktop App Core for Mac

  • Desktop App Core will run on OS Monterey or higher.
  • There is a difference in Command Line Interface usage between Desktop App Core for Mac and Desktop App for Mac - this is described in this article.
  • Custom Cloud Start Path can only be added via Command Line Interface, and only during the drive addition step. After the addition, it cannot be changed.
  • The application checks for open files every 30 seconds and renews or closes locks depending on the file open. This means that files may remain locked for up to 30 seconds after closing the file.
  • Some skips will remain on the list, even after skipped files are removed from the cloud drive. Clicking “Retry All” in the skips panel will resolve those skipped items.
  • Thumbnails/previews are available only for certain file extensions when listed in a folder, and the rest after the given file is downloaded.
  • Context menu - There are some options for which the user does not have permission in the context menu and will no longer be made visible. For example, the rename and duplicate option will not be available in a read-only folder.
  • If the skipped file event is generated in the synced folder (for example, a file is skipped because of unsupported characters) - the file will be removed from the cloud until the skip is resolved.
  • If a user has installed Desktop App Core and legacy Egnyte Desktop App for Mac, a restart of Desktop App Core might be required for a co-edition prompt to show up.
  • If the Core version of the app is running alongside the current production Egnyte Desktop App, the connected folders feature might not function properly.
  • If the Core version of the app is running alongside the current production Egnyte Desktop App, there might be some problems when connecting a drive that needs SSO.
  • Partially Adjustable Drive Labels - Drive labels are only partly adjustable (drive will always be named as the application: Egnyte). The label can be adjusted if a user has multiple drives connected; however, the “Egnyte – “ prefix will remain.
  • No Dedicated Reporting - In audit reports, this app will be presented as Desktop App.
  • Currently, only group-based access is supported for connecting to Smart Cache. 

Desktop App for Mac

  • On Monterey OS, problems may occur when opening a file after moving it to a different folder.
  • Co-editing is not supported with Smart Cache connection for versions of Smart Cache below 2.7.
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