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Desktop App Core for Mac v0.14 - New Share LinkOptions and connected folders from external devices


Release Date:  June 5th, 2024 | Desktop App Core for Mac 0.14.0 

New features and improvements

New Share Link Options

We have drastically improved the Desktop App Core Share link experience to be on par with WebUI functionality. Starting now, users will be able to utilize all sharing options without having to go to a web browser. This feature will be rolled out gradually over the next few weeks.


Connected Folders from External Devices (Limited Availability)

We have introduced an option to use Connected folders with external devices, like external drives, flash drives, and SD cards. This can be especially helpful in working with large datasets stored on external SSD drives. Please note that there are some notable limitations:

  1. Only APFS and exFAT file system drives are supported.
  2. Connected folders will be removed, and sync will stop if an external drive is removed, even briefly. A new connection must be established manually to restart sync.
  3. Connected folders will be removed, and sync will stop if the Mac is restarted. A new connection must be established manually to restart sync. There is no issue after putting the Mac to sleep or locking it.

This feature is in Limited Availability phase. Please contact support@egnyte.com to have it enabled.


Issues Addressed

Fixed Notification Behavior When Using Configuration Profile

When using a Configuration Profile to add drives, repeated conflict notifications would appear if a drive with the same label already existed. This behavior has been adjusted to display the notification only once.

Connecting Folders to Cloud Caused Data to be Deleted in the Cloud

When using Connected folders, a sequence of folder rename and creation of another folder in place of the old one triggered a deletion of the re-created folder on the cloud. 

Fast renames of files synced for Offline access being corrupted

When using Offline folders, fast local file rename and replace were incorrectly recognized and applied on the cloud filesystem. In effect, files were getting corrupted. 

Move folder operation for folder synced for Offline access sometimes stops the sync

When using Offline folders, move folder operations sometimes caused sync to stop. 


Known Issues & Limitations

No new limitations have been discovered.

Please refer to this article for the list of known limitations

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