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Sync for Offline Access with the Desktop App


The Egnyte Desktop App includes a feature that allows users to sync selected folders for offline access, so they can always access pertinent information. A copy of these files are stored locally on your device, and any changes you make while offline are automatically synced back to the cloud once you re-establish an internet connection.

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Sync for Offline Access

Known Behaviors and Limitations

Additional Resources

Sync for Offline Access 

Open the Desktop App drive (or volume) from Window's File Explorer or Mac's Finder. Right click on the folder you want to sync and click Sync for offline access.


If you do not see this feature, your Administrator has disabled the option to sync. Please reach out to them for additional information.

Known Behaviors and Limitations

The feature has the following known limitations:

  • You can sync a folder and exclude any of its subfolders from syncing, with the following limitations:
    • Renaming excluded folders or any of their parent folders is only allowed when connected to the internet.
    • Excluded folders can’t be moved to different folders on the Desktop App. The Web UI can be used as an alternative.
  • Moving content between folders marked for sync and folders that are not marked for sync is not currently allowed in the Desktop App. However, copying or moving the folder through the web UI is allowed.
  • The maximum number of files you can sync for offline access is 500,000 per user on the machine.

When it comes to preserving unsynchronized content, the following behaviors apply:

  • When you remove your drive or unsync a folder, any unsynchronized files will be moved to a folder on your desktop.
  • When you uninstall the app, synchronized content will remain inside the
    "%localappdata%\Egnyte Connect\offline folder".

Force Offline mode

In Desktop App for Windows, it is possible to “Go offline” and effectively stop all synchronization without having to disconnect the internet. There are two ways to do this:


1.    You can hover your mouse over Sync status icon.

Sync for offline access 1.png

Icon will change shape to “Go offline”. Click on it to trigger Offline mode

Sync For Offline Access 2.png

Icon text will change to "Offline" after the process is complete.

Sync For Offline Access 3.png

To switch back, click Go online. The application will resume sync along with uploading any files changed while in offline mode.

Sync For Offline Access 4.png

2.    Open the menu on top-right side of Desktop App Widget and select Go offline option.

Sync For Offline Access 5.png

To switch back, click Go online. The application will resume sync along with uploading any files changed while in offline mode.
Sync For Offline Access 6.png

Going offline is currently unavailable for Desktop App Core for Mac.

Additional Resources

Ready for more? Use the resources below to keep learning about the Desktop App.

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Learn more about Syncing for offline access by watching a Quick Tip on Egnyte University: Syncing for offline access

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