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Desktop App Core for Mac v0.11.0 - Introducing AI: Ask a Document


External Release Notes: Desktop App Core for Mac 0.11.0 (March 7, 2024)

New Features and Improvements

AI: Ask a Document (Limited Availability)

We are introducing the powerful AI-Driven Document Summarization & Document Q&A feature to Desktop App Core.  Users who already have access to this in Egnyte's WebUI will also be able to access it directly from the context menu using the Ask a document option.

As a result, a native chat window will be presented, where users can request a file summarization or ask questions about the file and its content.

This functionality extends the capabilities of an existing AI engine already integrated within Egnyte's WebUI. For more information, refer to our helpdesk article.

AI: Ask a document will be available for selected customers in the upcoming days. If you are interested in trying it out, contact our support team at support@egnyte.com.

Drafts Folder Removal Warning

Following the recent release of the Create a Document functionality, which includes a Draft mode, we have implemented a specific warning for actions that may delete the Drafts folder from the Private directory.  Whenever a user tries to move, rename, or delete a folder named Drafts in their Private directory, the warning will be displayed as shown below.  If users continue, the Publish functionality will be disabled for the documents inside the Drafts folder.

See this helpdesk article to learn more about Draft mode.

Issues Addressed

Metadata Upload Issue

We have fixed an issue where, in some scenarios, folder metadata would not upload to the cloud after a rename.

Known Issues & Limitations

No new limitations have been discovered.

Refer to this article for the list of known limitations.

Additional Information and Resources

 The current release contains a few improvements to existing functionality.  

  • Minor performance, security, and stability improvements  
  • Minor logging improvements
  • Minor bug fixes  

The changes will be available to all users by March 7, 2024.  

Upgrade to the latest version today.

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