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Secure & Govern Reporting Center


The Reporting Center will contain all the reports specific to Egnyte Secure & Govern classified into sub-categories. Entitled users can view the reporting center and generate reports based on parameters/filters provided by them. The reports will be generated and saved within the reporting center and can be exported or deleted by the user.
The Reporting Center would be classified into the following subdivisions:

  • Permissions Management
    • Duplicate Permissions

Permissions Management

Permissions management would consist of reports governing user access controls, data governance, and associated permissions. These reports would provide the user the necessary information to ensure that their data is secure, private and accessible by the right users/groups. Currently, we are introducing Duplicate Permissions as described below. New reports would be added into this category progressively.

Duplicate Permissions

Follow the steps below to generate a report on duplicate permissions:

  • Navigate to the Permissions Management tab.
  • Click on Duplicate Permissions.
  • Select the option to create a New Report that is visible on the right pane as shown below.


Secure & Govern Reporting Center 1.png

  • Provide a specific name for the report.
  • Select the source and the source and the specific folders or sub-folders that you want to run the report on.

S&G Reporting Center 1.png

  • Select the Assigner from the drop-down list as per your requirement.

S&G Reporting Center 2.png

  • Similarly, select the Assignee from the drop-down list as shown below.

S&G Reporting Center 3.png

  • Click on the Create option provided in the right corner to initiate report creation (the report will be generated within a couple of minutes).
  • Access the reports under the Duplicate Permissions tab.

Each report includes the Date and other Criteria specified during report generation.  You can view a specific report by clicking on the row item highlighting its name and export or delete the report as needed.

Secure & Govern Reporting Center 4.png

Report Attributes

The report will contain the following information. The same information can also be exported as an Excel file.

  • Username 
  • Email Address 
  • Type 
  • Status 
  • Reason for Detection
  • Content Source
  • Primary -  Individual Permission or Group Permission 
  • Primary - Inherited Permission 
  • Duplicate Permission Group Name
  • Duplicate Group Permission 
  • Duplicate Permission Inherited 
  • Folder Location
  • Sensitive Content Labels for Folder 
  • Parent Folder
  • Recommendation
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