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Signing a Document


Egnyte Sign makes it easy to sign documents that have been sent with a Signature Request.

Signing a Document

Follow these steps to sign a document :

  • Find and click the signing link in one of the following locations:
    • The signature request email sent to all signers. Signing links are specific to each user and should not be shared with others. Click Review & sign to start the process.

    • The Signature dashboard, accessible to domain users, in the Workflows and Signatures panel accessible from the left navigation menu of the Collaborate WebUI. Choose the Signatures tab to see the pending signature requests. Hover over a row and click the Sign It button to start the process.


  • Accept the Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure and Egnyte’s Privacy Policy to continue.  This step is needed to make the signature legally binding.


  • Find the fields assigned by scrolling through the document or using the arrows in the document toolbar.

    Signing a Document - 1.png

  • Click each field to enter a value: 

    • Signature and Initials fields allow to draw, type, or upload the signature or initials.


    • Text-based fields allow typing a value.

    • Signature date fields are automatically populated and cannot be edited.

  • Once all required fields are filled, click Sign and Confirm at the top or bottom of the screen to submit the signature.

Users can also sign a document using the Egnyte Mobile App. Refer to Egnyte Sign on Mobile for more details. 

Accessing the Signed Document

Once all signers have signed the document, the signer receives an email with a link to a signed PDF copy of the document.  Click the View signed document button to access a page with a preview of the document with an option to download the PDF file.


Domain users can also access the signed document through the Signatures dashboard after changing the filter to show Completed requests. 

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