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Collaboration between Egnyte Users


Collaboration with other Egnyte users is quick and easy. Anyone with access to a file in Egnyte can easily collaborate with others by adding messages in the Comments tab. Users can use "@name" mentions to tag another Egnyte user, ensuring they receive a notification along with the message content and a link to the file. For the Egnyte mobile app on iOS or Android, users will receive instant push notifications when you are mentioned on a file.

To watch a video that demonstrates how users can collaborate in Egnyte, please click here

Use Cases

File Discussions

Notify your collaborators to provide input on a designated file. When you open the file in the Web UI or any of the mobile apps, you can easily reference the relevant file and corresponding discussion.

For WebUI:


For iOS:


For Android:


File Sharing

Quickly share a file with other Egnyte users on your domain who already have permission for the file. Mention them in a comment and your collaborators will receive an email and a push notification on their mobile device(s) (if enabled).





Another way to share a file with other Egnyte users on your domain who already have permissions for the file is to send a direct link. You can find this link in the details tab when you file preview an image. This link will work on the Web UI, iOS devices, and Android devices.



  • The direct link is the URL address of the file within your Egnyte domain, ensuring continuous accessibility except in the following scenarios:
    • When the file/folder associated with the direct link is deleted. Note that deleting a version of the file does not impact the direct link.
    • When accessing the direct link, the recipient lacks permission to the source folder.
  • Moving or renaming a file/folder will not alter the direct link. Copying a file will generate a new direct link for the copy.

Request File Edits

Mention your collaborator with an instruction to edit a Microsoft Office file. Your collaborator can quickly open the file in the respective Office Online application on their desktop or mobile device, make edits, and the changes will automatically be saved back to Egnyte. For more information on the Microsoft integration with Egnyte, please refer to this article on the Helpdesk. 

For WebUI:


For Mobile App:



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