Advanced Folder Copy and Folder Templates

Many of our customers have requested the ability to create a template folder structure which can be copied and reused in their account. With this use case in mind, we built an Advanced Folder Copy capability.

In a single step, Advanced Folder Copy lets you copy an entire folder hierarchy to another location, rename the copied folder, add a description, and even reset the folder’s permissions. This feature considerably expedites the process of manually recreating a template folder structure. We expect this will speed up your ability to provision a new project.

How to Use Advanced Folder Copy for Folder Templating

First, set up a folder structure that you can reuse as a template. This folder can have the desired subfolder structure and sample files (e.g. budget template or project plan templates) within the folder. You can now reuse this template to provision new projects.

Simply select this folder in the Web Interface of your Egnyte account and click “Move/Copy” from the menu.


You’ll find the Advanced Folder Copy option in the footer of the dialog.


Click this, and you’ll see the Advanced Copy dialog.


From here, you can select a destination folder, appropriately name the copied folder, and add a description. You can choose to inherit the source folder’s permissions or set new permissions yourself.

Adjust these details as needed, and click “Copy” to complete the operation. If you choose "Setup new permissions after copying" from the Permissions drop-down, the folder permissions dialog will automatically appear after you select “Copy”.


Additional Details

Keep these details in mind when using Advanced Folder Copy:

  • Advanced Folder Copy is only available when copying a single folder.
  • Any files within the folder will also be copied. This might be useful if you want to include base files in a template structure (e.g an empty budget sheet).
  • A folder description can only be set if you have Full or Owner permissions to the destination folder.
  • Similarly, the option to reset permissions is only available if you have Owner permissions to the destination folder.
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