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Upload Through the Web Interface (Web UI)


Depending on your device and file sizes, Egnyte provides several easy methods to upload files. Click the links below to jump to specific instructions, or watch the help video.

File size limits are technical limits: your plan may have a lower file size upload limit. See Am I Subject to Any Restrictions? for more details

Upload Files

To upload files to Egnyte, either drag and drop them into the browser or select and upload them using the Choose files button after selecting Upload from the folder.

Drag and Drop

You can drag and drop as many files as you want as long as each one is less than 100GB, but each browser is slightly different.

Uploading empty folders is not supported via drag and drop. For migrating empty folder structures, use Cloud Migration Manager or FTP.


Browse for Files

Uploading files through the browser is another easy way to upload files smaller than 100GB and will work on all browsers. Just click the Upload button and then choose Choose Files; you’ll be able to select one or more files for upload from your desktop.



Upload Folders

Drag and Drop

If you are running Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari, you can drag and drop folders directly into the Web UI.

Desktop Apps

Another efficient way to upload folders to the cloud is to use the Desktop App.


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