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How to Enable Smart Upload in Your Egnyte Android App


What is Smart Upload?

Smart Folder is a feature available in the Egnyte Mobile Android and iOS Apps that will scan the device photo library looking for photographs taken at locations defined in a particular folder and, with the user’s permission, upload the photographs to the folder.

Automatic Smart Upload

Automatic smart upload will automatically scan the device photo library and find photographs taken in places which match the ones specified in Project folders and Upload folders created within them. It saves the users all the manual work they would otherwise need to do moving the pictures from the device photo library into their Egnyte folders.


How to Enable and Start Using Automatic Smart Upload?

  1. Set up project folders

    Smart upload works for Project folders, which are a special type of folder for which its admin can define such parameters as project start and end date, current status, as well as its geo-location. In order to enable automatic smart upload, it is necessary to properly set up project folders and Upload folders within them first (which needs to be done through the web browser). In order to find out how to set up project folders go to this site. Once the Project folder is set, its Admin or Power User needs to go to Project Settings and in the Smart Upload Folder tab (1) set the geolocation of the project using the Interactive map or the Search option and (2) set the photo upload folder for the project.


  2. Set up your mobile device

    Instructions below are for IOS devices. For Android setup, see this article

    Once the Project Folder and Upload Folder is properly set up in your Egnyte domain, you also need to check if your mobile device is set up properly so go to Settings and make sure that the camera can access your device location when you take pictures the Egnyte App can access the relevant information on your device such as your location and photos library. You can also wait to be prompted by the app to give it the access it needs.

  3. Start taking photographs

    When all the set-up is ready, you can start leveraging the Smart Upload feature on your mobile device (a phone or a tablet). To start using Smart Upload, just go to one or more locations which match those set up in your project folder/s and take some photographs. Next, launch the Egnyte app and watch for a New Smart Upload notification at the bottom of the screen. Tap on it and you will be redirected to the Smart Upload screen. You can also dismiss the notification and navigate to the Smart Upload icon on the bottom bar later.


  4. Review, confirm or reject Smart Upload suggestions

    When you click on the Smart Upload icon you will be redirected to the Smart Upload screen, where you can choose to upload all the detected pictures or review them first and then decide which ones you want to include in or exclude from the upload. When you confirm the upload, the pictures will be automatically uploaded to relevant project/upload folders.


Manually Triggered Smart Upload

Manually triggered smart upload allows users to start the photo library scan for photographs taken in an area that they can define using an interactive map.

How to Use Manually Triggered Smart Upload?

To launch this option, go to the folder into which you want pictures to be found and uploaded automatically based on their geo-location (it can be any folder you have admin permissions to), tap on the Create or upload button and from the menu choose Upload → Geotagged photos.


On the next screen, use the map to find and set the location and select the time range you want to be included in the picture scan (e.g. the last 7 days) and click on Find Photos. All the photos which fulfill the selected criteria will be listed. You can edit the list if needed and upload the photos to the folder.


How to Get Access to Smart Upload?

Automatic Smart Upload is available in the Egnyte Mobile Apps within the Project Control Add-on only and Manually Triggered Smart Upload is available in the Platform Business, Enterprise Lite and Enterprise plans.


Go to Apple AppStore or Google Play Store to download the latest version of the Egnyte Mobile App, or upgrade to the latest version on all your devices if you already have it.

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