Content Classification FAQs


What files does Egnyte Protect classify?

Within any paths that you have not excluded, Egnyte Protect classifies files under 10MB in size that have any of the file types or file extensions listed below. Files such as images and videos are not classified as of now.

File type

Microsoft Office files since Office 2007

.docx .docm .dotx .dotm

.xlsx .xlsm .xltx .xltm .xlsb

.pptx .pptm .potx .potm .ppam .ppsm .ppsx .sldx .sldm

Legacy Microsoft Office formats .doc .docb .doct .dot .xls .xlt .xlm .ppt .pot .pps
Postscript and PDF formats .ps .pdf
Email storage formats .msg .mbox
OpenDocument formats .odt .ods .odp
Rich text and simple text formats .rtf .txt
Compressed archives (non-encrypted) .zip .7z .bz2 .cpio .jar .rar .tar .gz .xz .tgz
Other file types .epub, .html .xml .xhtml .ooxml .odf


How do compressed archives get classified?

In the case of compressed archives that are not password-protected, Egnyte Protect will automatically unpack these archives. Any files inside that are under 10MB in size and have any of the above file extensions will be classified. The entire archive is treated as a single sensitive file and the classification results for the contained files will be displayed together under the archive's file name in the Sensitive File Viewer.


Why is the classified content size in the Sensitive Content tab smaller than the source size?

The progress bar in the Sensitive Content tab may indicate a smaller size of classifiable content than the sizes of the added sources. This is because Egnyte Protect will only classify files inside paths that have not been excluded, which belong to the list of valid file types and file extensions and are under 10MB in size. The size indicated in the progress bar is the amount of content in the added sources that matched these criteria.


How many custom policies with custom keywords can I create?

You may create up to 15 custom policies, each with their own list of custom keywords.


Why did the progress bar in the Sensitive Content tab get reset?

The classification progress bar in the Sensitive content tab will regress to zero if you either create a new custom policy containing custom keywords or modify the custom keywords in an existing policy. The new or modified keywords need to be matched against all the files in the added sources, which can take some time.

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