Add Content Sources

The first step in setting up Egnyte Protect is to add one or more Content Sources that you wish to monitor. 

To add an Egnyte Connect domain as a source, navigate to Settings > Content Sources.


Click the Add Cloud Source button and complete the following steps:


Choose Egnyte Connect and click Next.


Click Next.


Enter the Egnyte Connect domain name and click Next.

Authenticate as an admin user in the Egnyte Connect login window that pops up. Egnyte Protect will access the Egnyte Connect domain as this user. Click Continue in the popup window after authenticating.

(i) We suggest that you create a dedicated admin account within the domain for use by Egnyte Protect. Using a distinct account will ensure that access by Egnyte Protect is segregated within audit reports for the domain.


In this next step, you can choose to exclude certain paths within the source from scanning. Egnyte Protect won’t access any folders under these paths. Note that as a result, no issues or sensitive content will be detected within these paths. For full coverage, we recommend that you do not exclude paths.

If you wish to exclude a path, just click on the corresponding checkbox. The checkmark will turn to a red X, indicating that the path, and all subfolders, are excluded. Note that you can change this configuration at any time after adding the source.

Click Finish once you are done adding path exclusions. Your newly added source will appear in the Content Source list as below.


Scanning for access control issue begins immediately. Issues will appear within the Issues tab as they are found. You will receive a summary email outlining all issues found within the source once the initial scan of the source has completed. After the initial scan, the source will be continuously monitored for new issues and any updates to existing issues.

To add additional Egnyte Connect sources, simply click Add Cloud Source again. If you wish to add on-premise SharePoint or Windows File Server sources, contact Egnyte Support for assistance.

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