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Egnyte Secure & Govern Overview


Egnyte Secure & Govern is Egnyte’s smart content governance solution. It is comprised of three distinct services: Content Classification, Access Control, and Content Lifecycles. These services work together to ensure that you are alerted about any potential exposures of sensitive information in real-time, allowing you to take proactive action to prevent costly data breaches.

Access Control

The Access Control service continuously monitors all of your content sources, both in the cloud and on-premises. Using Egnyte Secure & Govern, you can: 

  • Identify issues with permissions and sharing to ensure only the right people have access to sensitive information.
  • Eliminate non-secure links and comprehensively review sharing with outside parties.
  • Audit and streamline permissions across your content repositories for greater control and security.
  • Spot unusual user activity to prevent insider data theft and other malicious actions.


Content Classification

Egnyte Secure & Govern looks for sensitive information in your files, based on what you deem to be sensitive. Built-in classification policies such as PCI-DSS and GDPR allow one-click configurations for compliance. Creating custom policies to identify information specific to your business is just as easy. A comprehensive list of locations containing sensitive information is updated in real-time as new files are scanned. You can also drill down to review specific files and examine the sensitive content found within each file. This gives you a consolidated overview of where sensitive information is located within your content repositories.


Content Lifecycle

Egnyte Secure & Govern helps you manage content throughout its entire lifecycle, based on your custom policies. You can specify document retention, deletion, and archival policies, which can be based on the location of the files or your document classification policies. Legal holds, which are an essential part of the e-discovery process, can be applied to documents for an indefinite or a specific period. These holds are based on selected individuals (custodians) and provide an easy view of the files subject to the hold. To meet strict data retention regulations, you can also lock retention policies. Once locked, a policy can only be modified by Egnyte by contacting our Support team.


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