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Egnyte Protect Overview

Egnyte Protect is our new smart content governance solution. Egnyte Protect is comprised of four separate services: Access Control, Selective Encryption, Data Residency and Data Retention.

Access Control

Identify issues with permissions to ensure only the people who need to access files can access them. Eliminate non-secure links to comply with regulatory requirements. Unify permissions across your content repositories for greater control and security. Find unusual user access patterns to limit costly data leakage. The Access Control service allows you to continuously monitor all of your content sources, both in the cloud and on-premises. The service will detect access control issues in real time, such as open access folders and public linking.

Selective Encryption

Keep a select subset of your files encrypted at all times, even after they leave your system, to prevent unauthorized viewing of sensitive, confidential or regulated content.

Data Residency

Control the location of your content, between cloud or on-premises storage and across geographical boundaries to comply with data sovereignty laws and other regulations.

Data Retention

Control how long your files should be retained and who can access and modify them.


We support Egnyte Connect as well as on-premises SharePoint and Windows File Server content sources.

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Egnyte Community

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