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Advanced Procore Integration



The Advanced Procore Integration is a feature of the Construction Package. It is a more robust version of the original integration and is automatically activated when the Construction Package is purchased. The integration will sync an Egnyte Folder to a Procore Project Documents section.


Near Real-Time Sync

  • Using webhooks the sync is initiated between Egnyte and Procore on the following events ( Create, Updated)
  • Other actions such as rename, move, and delete will still run on an hourly update

Max Total Projects

  • 1000 Total projects can be synced with this integration

Max Project Size

  • Each project has a max size of 250,000 total objects (Files and Folders)


  • Folder and files with unsupported Character Types in Egnyte will not be synced between the two systems
  • Procore projects and Egnyte folders can only be synced to one folder
  • Subfolders of a Folder that are synced can't be synced to another Project

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