Egnyte has built a new integration with Procore. You are able to sync an Egnyte folder to a Procore Project. The first feature we have completed is a sync between Egnyte and the Projects Documents. The Procore Integration is in Open Beta mode and anyone can access this new integration


  • Keep your documents in sync between Procore and Egnyte
  • Have a single source of truth 
  • Transfer Project template folders from one platform to the other

To learn more about our Procore integrations, watch our democast


1. The Procore Integration is available by visiting the Apps & Integration page within Egnyte

2. You are able to search for this by looking for Procore 


3. Enable the integration (This is only available to Admins) 


How it Works

  • This integration syncs an Egnyte Folder to a Procore Project Documents section
  • This integration is initiated on Egnyte by selecting which folder you would like to Sync in 2 different ways for an Admin account that has the Procore integration turned on.
    • In the folder that you would like to Sync click on "More" and the Procore Project Sync buttonScreen_Shot_2019-05-31_at_1.53.00_PM.png
    • Right Click the folder that you would like to sync and just the Procore Project Sync button


  • Add a Procore Service Account to the Egnyte integration. This service account needs to have full access to to the Project that you are trying to sync within ProcoreScreen_Shot_2019-05-31_at_4.09.34_PM.png
  • Instruction to create or retrieve your Procore Service account can be found HERE
    • Make sure Service Account has correct Admin permissions in Procore. This can be found in the under the account name in Directory.Screen_Shot_2019-06-04_at_1.14.45_PM.png
  • Once you have selected a service account a list will appear that will show the available projects that you will be able to sync the Egnyte Folder to. Note: Only one project can be assigned to one ProjectScreen_Shot_2019-06-04_at_1.09.39_PM.png
  • Next you can verify settings for the sync and select 2-way sync. You can always go back to this menu to turn of sync for a particular folderScreen_Shot_2019-06-04_at_1.09.51_PM.png
  • Sync has now been set up correctly and will run automatically in the background
  • To check Sync status and current list of your syncs an Admin can always select from the More button "List of Synced Procore Projects"Screen_Shot_2019-06-04_at_1.27.04_PM.png

Advanced Procore Integration

To learn more about our Advanced Integration with new features click this link


  • Folder and files with unsupported Character Types in Egnyte will not be synced between the two systems
  • Procore projects and Egnyte folders can only be synced to one folder
  • Subfolders of a Folder that is synced can't be synced to another Project
  • 10,000 file limit for syncing per Project
  • 10 Projects can be synced at one time.
  • Currently sync between the two platforms happens every hour

Learn more about Egnyte and Procore by watching a Quick Tip on Egnyte University: Egnyte and Procore