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Risk Score Changes - FAQ


We have enhanced the Egnyte Risk Score algorithm to include more data points. You may see an increase in your Risk Score, but do not be alarmed. Your risk posture has not changed. We are just providing a more accurate calculation of your Risk Score. 

Why did my Egnyte Risk Score change?

We recently enhanced the algorithm used to calculate Risk Score. The changes have incorporated more issue types and also include non-Egnyte content sources under protection.

Which Egnyte domains will effected by this change to the Risk Score algorithm?

All customers that have an Egnyte plan that includes the ‘Secure and Govern’ capabilities may see a change in their Risk Score as a result of this enhancement to the algorithm.

Which Egnyte issue types were previously not included when calculating the Risk Score?

The following types of issues were previously not taken into consideration:

  • Empty Group
  • Suspicious Login
  • Unused Group
  • Probable Ransomware
  • Unusual Access
  • Malformed Permissions

Will new issues be discovered and listed with the new Risk Score algorithm?

No new issues will be generated. The new algorithm is just taking into account more information (e.g. more content source types and issue types) than we have in the past to calculate the score.

How can I reduce my Risk Score?

Risk Score reduction is achieved through the management and remediation of the issues presented from your governed content sources. The following article provides an explanation of the Risk Score, how it is calculated, and insight on how to manage your Risk Score.



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