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Issue Delegation allows Issues to be delegated to other users for remediation to reduce the load on the Administrator to resolve all issues and delegate issues to be remediated to users such as data-owners who have more context about the data, access, or the user associated with an issue.

Issues can be assigned to users, termed as Assignees in the Issue Details section. Assignees can be Admins, Issue Analysts, Data Owners, or anyone who has access to the Issues tab in Secure and Govern.

Additionally, for Egnyte content sources, Issues can also be assigned to End-Users whose actions triggered an issue or to Owners of folders which are flagged for issues such as Open Access.

It is possible to delegate issues to the following users:

  • S&G admin users.
  • S&G users who have access to this particular issue.
  • Affected users, if an issue is user related (Suspicious Login, Probable Ransomware, Inactive User, Unusual Access).
  • File/Folder owners in the content source, if an issue is file/folder related (Public Link, Individual Permission, Open Access, External Sharing).
  • Data owners defined in S&G, if an issue is file/folder related (Public Link, Individual Permission, Open Access, External Sharing).

This article outlines steps to use Issue Delegation

Delegating an Issue

  • Log into Secure and Govern.
  • Go to the Issues view.
  • Navigate to an Issue and View the Issue Details.
  • Select the Action Menu to Delegate an Issue to an Assignee.


  • Delegate the Issue by typing and selecting a User from the auto-complete drop-down. Include any notes to guide the Assignee in remediation and select Delegate


  • The Issue is now Assigned to the selected Assignee.


  • The Assignee receives an email notification with a link to directly navigate to the Issue for remediation.
  • The Assignee can choose to Remediate, Dismiss or Delegate the Issue for resolution.
  • If the Assignee is an end-user with no permissions to Secure and Govern, the Assignee only gets the ability to add an explanation for their actions.



  • The Assignee Filter in the Filters pane allows an easier selection of Issues assigned to a specific user.


  • All Issue Assignment Actions performed by Admins as well as activities performed by Assignees are captured in the Activity section within Issue Details.
  • Explanation provided by Assignees is captured in the Comments section within Issue Details.



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