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Document Type Classification


Egnyte uses machine learning methods to find sensitive types of documents in any scanned content sources. Specific types of documents can be identified through the creation of a Custom Policy.

Examples of use cases you can use document type classification to meet your Governance needs include:

  • Using Content Safeguards to prevent public links to financial statements.
  • Using Retention Policies to prevent contracts from being deleted and purged from the trash in Egnyte for a defined period of time.
  • Using classification policies to boost the severity of open issues to drive more attention and focus when payroll documents are involved.

Egnyte supports the discovery of several classes of documents out of the box.

Create a custom classification policy to find documents by type

  • From the Secure & Govern home page, click Settings, expand the Content Classification section, and select Policies. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add Custom Policy.

  • Enter a Policy name, tag, and description, then click Configure for Document Type criteria.


  • Choose one or more document classes and/or types that should be tagged with the custom policy.

Improving the machine learning model through feedback

Secure & Govern users can improve the classifier by providing feedback on results. When reviewing matches for files in the Sensitive Content View, feedback can be provided on any document to improve the overall precision of the machine learning model.



The feedback banner will not be visible for documents that are not identified as any classes of documents identified by Egnyte.



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